Why I Love Making Art

It’s the “doing it with your hands”;

It’s the “making a mess”;

It’s the “solitude and release”;

It’s the “market days”;

It’s the fabulous friends you make;

But most of all……

It’s when the artwork is up on someone else’s wall……

And it makes them smile.

I love market girl and smile when ever I walk in the room, she is so relaxed!!
Thanks again for making her, she is well loved.

Happy Girl
xx Giovanna
p.s. Always available for a chat about how I can customise a canvas to match your decor. Email is always a good starting point: gistcreative@optusnet.com.au


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Making Art

    • Giovanna Scott says:

      Hi Pam, Sorry but it must just be the gremlins in your computer. I can see them from all my gadgets without signing into WordPress. Don’t stress….not taking it down anytime soon 😉
      xx Gi

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