Magazine Madonnas

The humble mag is an endless source of inspiration.
Kids use old mags to cut up and create wonderful collages.

As we get older, we gather appealing images and words to create Mood Boards, something I’ve struggled with and never really embraced. Pinterest is the modern, digital version of this, I suppose.

When my copy of Somerset Apprentice arrived some months ago, I was instatly drawn (no pun intended) to the project by the delicious and delightful Tamara LaPorte.

Her ideas was to take a face in a magazine and re-paint and re-design it in your own unique style. Initially I didn’t back myself enough as a capable Artist to do this….stray from a conventional palette, change eye colour, change hairstyle and basically make her a bit wonky.

Then I did Jane Davenport’s class and I finally felt confident enough to have a crack at it – but more importantly – have F*U*N!!

In the following pics of my crazy painting adventure, I’ve placed the original next to it to best illustrate the transformation.

I’m becoming more brave as I continue to gain confidence and enjoy the process and the IMPERFECTION of it all.

You can purchase this fine magazine HERE. In Australia, the most reliable online store is Blue Bazaar.
Tamara runs a wonderfully supportive community at WILLOWING. You’ll get lost in all the creative yumminess. You’ve been warned!

Get creative.
Get happy!!


p.s. The title for this post is inspired by the song “Magazine Madonna” by the Australian band Sherbert, released in 1977. I had a super crush on Daryl Braithwaite as a wee lassy and happy to say that Daryl is still doing the circuit in 2012. Enjoy some fab Aussie “yacht rock”.

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