The Good Student – “Composition for Collage”

What a great month August has been!
Two fabulous classes begun.
Two still in progress.
But this one has finished…sorta!
Composition for Collage by Claudine Hellmuth was great! Four easily digestible and comprehensive lessons over four weeks and I managed to keep up….sorta!

Week 1 Asymmetrical Composition
Week 2 Horizon Line Compositions
Week 3 Vignette Composition
(my least favourite collage but loved the class)

But, it’s not just about the materials, it’s really about the person herself.

Claudine first came into my radar in 2006 when I was thinking there must be another creative avenue (other than Scrapbooking) to soak my juices into.
I ordered both her books from Amazon and just went from there, but with a lot of bumps, detours and earthquakes (metaphorically) along the way. There were times I put it all aside and focused back on Scrapbooking – it was easy; the communities were very supportive; and I was making money from published works and winning competitions. Collage and Mixed Media Art were things I would seriously consider “later”.

So “later” is 2012. Talk about a long-winded germination!

I was delighted to have the Universe align once again, so I could take one of her classes via Big Picture Scrapbooking.
I’m going to re-visit Week 3 because that collage isn’t sitting right with me. Week 4’s collage is on my desk being blown about by winds and careless children.

I still have a billion weeks’ worth of content in Supplies Me.
And while the journaling is all done in Your Living Canvas, I still have the creative stuff to sink my teeth into.

Thanks for dropping by!

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