The Winter of Our {Dis}content

In our little sub-tropical haven called Brisbane, we rarely feel “weather”. It’s either humid and hot and rainy or just a little less humid and hot and rainy.
That’s why I love August!
I get C-O-L-D and I love it.
I layer clothing; I break out the flannies, the ugg boots, and the beenies.

But what I love most is the outdoors in Winter.
Once we recover from the city-wide lurgies that occur about now, I take advantage of the dry, windy weather and prepare for Spring.

Lawns get mowed, garden beds get a makeover too:

This one will be my new, super-sized herb and vege garden for the full-sun-lovers.

I get the boys outside to take advantage of that crisp air that fills your nostrils with icicles.

And of course it’s Athletics Carnival time! Monday was particularly spectacular; shorts & t-shirt weather but a little cool in the shade.

(photos by Lynette, thank you!)

So as the sun starts to change it’s course over the daytime sky, I start to think about how many of my goals I’ve achieved so far, and how many need to be re-visited and how few need to be shelved.
Although I dream BIG, I am also your typical-realist-Capricorn-feet-on-the-ground-type …. so annoying at times!!

I hope the weather is being kind to you. I know my Northern Hemisphere peeps have finished their Summer Break and looking to prepare for Winter. My Mum comes home soon from her well-earned holiday to Italy (her place of birth) and I’ve missed her, but understand now she is on her own, she is being Brave and doing the things she’s always wanted to do.

But her story is for another blog post.


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