Art Journaling

There is something really relaxing about Art Journaling. If you are a fan, you’d understand (naturally). For the uninitiated here’s a quick run-down.

Most of us kept a diary as a child/teenager/angst-ridden young adult. Imagine combining both loves of writing and being visually creative?

These don’t have much personal writing but I loved creating them all the same.

Texture paste challenge ^

Managed to borrow a punch for this groovy challenge >>>

Loads of images from my Favourite Thing (frankie magazine)^^
Getting down and grungy with this one >>>

Using a pic from a Dunlop volley advert

And I’m really into outlining images in paint or ink or watercolour at the moment. You should give it a go.

Finally a collection of clothing tags>>>>

A much brighter colour palette but not as artsy-fartsy

If you’d like to play along, here is where you can find the prompts
Awesome, messy, encouraging, experimental, unpressured and very very diverse!

Stay messy

One thought on “Art Journaling

  1. Krissy Christie says:

    Beautiful work as always Gi 🙂 I love my art journal and if it wasnt for you I never wouldve started it so thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Krissy xx

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