Lessons in Courage


Lesson #1 – I really really CAN do this! Evidenced by the fact I submitted it on time.

Lesson #2 – Big really is better. This canvas was 75x75cm and I had a lot of freedom.

Lesson #3 – Courage is required. Letting-Go is required. Belief in myself is required.

I am not 100% happy with my entry but I am happy I had the courage to enter. I wish I could’ve been braver; more layers; more texture; more EVERYTHING!! Nerves got hold of me and I simply froze. I froze at the sheer expanse of the canvas! Going from something a quarter of the size to THIS one, was perhaps too big a leap? You can clearly see the background is unfinished. I want to rip it off the gallery wall and attack it!

All the other entries were truly fabulous and put my insipid work to shame.

Once again, just happy to have put myself out there in a juried competition.

Lessons learned!

I am much happier with the work a customer collected on the weekend. Very proud of those and will share soon.

Off to kick some creative buttocks!

xx Giovanna

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

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