123 Challenge for April

"if you believe you can then you will, even if it makes other people uncomfortable"

Hello again for another month of exciting challenges!
The criteria for this month’s 123 Challenge is:

text using a liner brush and acrylic ink

Okay….so you’re now asking, “Gi, where are the beads??!!!”
Ahem, I took some creative licence with it this month for 2 reasons. Firstly, I put rocks on last month’s challenge, so putting actual beads on this one was a bit much for me; and secondly, I think sometimes we need to push ourselves beyond the obvious and think a little more laterally or CREATIVELY if you like, hence the absence of actual, run-o-the-mill beads.

So here’s what I did to create this cool effect.
1. I covered the page with random colours and just basically made a colourful mess.
2. Using a liner brush and black acrylic ink (you could use black paint) I drew a pattern over the colour, trying to highlight some really interesting combinations.
3. Colour outside the lines with varying shades of “mint” and add some complementary or contrasting colours too. Blend them nicely!! Don’t worry about messing up your black outline. We’ll go over this again later.
4. Grab your Glossy Accents and create “beads” of little dimensional windows inside the black outline. Don’t place them too closely together or make the beads too small. Let dry for about a day. Seriously, walk away and do something else.

masking technique

5. Thin out a different colour (I used a blue/green) and carefully paint inside the black lines. When dry, take a baby wipe and carefully buff the beads until the paint is removed.
6. Re-paint your black outline and there you have it.

You can use this technique to make an embellishment on your scrapbooking layout. That would be so cool. Just cut out the design and add to your layout!!!!!

Would love to see you play along this month.
Oh, did I mention I’m giving away one of my prints as a prize this month? Get cracking then and show me what you’ve got!!


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