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I am so very excited to announce that not only have I uploaded all the prints and canvases to my Made It Shop, but I have also uploaded all the images to my new RED BUBBLE Portfolio!!

So, what is RED BUBBLE? I hear you ask, and why have both?

I’ll start with the decision to have both sites.

The MadeIt Shop allows me to sell the “original” canvases and a limited number of prints which I can sign and date personally before posting. I do all the admin with MadeIt.

RED BUBBLE allows me to upload any image I wish, and for YOU, THE CUSTOMER to decide what to do with it. Do you want a series of postcards, greeting cards, a matted print, mounted print? The choice is yours (depending on how big the file is). You can see what size and format is available and a preview before you buy.

Pretty cool, huh?

Also, remember my post about iPhone skins? Well RED BUBBLE will be making sturdy iPhone cases available in the very near future. I cannot wait for that!!

So please pop into each and let me know what you think! I really value your feedback. I’ve been looking at these images for so long now, I appreciate a fresh set of eyes from time to time!

If you don’t feel comfortable giving detailed feedback here, you can always email me at

Much love….gigi

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  1. Love your work! And I’ve been meaning to research Red Bubble because I’ve seen a number of people mentioning it lately, so thanks for the info, too 🙂

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