New Studio!

The boys are back at school {finally} which has given me time to get House in order. Mind you, I had to mop the floors THREE times before the water was clear…..blerk!
A little change in Rainer’s habits has meant I could move my Art Stuff back into the Sleep Out and move his TV and DVD player out…..sooooooo – one whole Sleep Out becomes my Studio !!!! Yeeeessssirreeeeee….

 The Sleep Out is separated from the Lounge Room with this gorgeous sliding door { that was the selling point for me when we inspected LOL}

 This is the view from the Lounge Room to where I will be working. I arranged it so I can work and still see what’s going on with the family.

 My main work desk in the foreground with all my supplies behind me. As you can see, there are windows EVERYWHERE which is good and bad….nowhere to hang things *sigh* I have plans to alter the plain pine drawers…stay tuned.

 I really hate these curtains, but until I can afford to rip the carpet up and replace the curtains with blinds, I will be shortening them to the bottom window ledge. When the breeze comes through, the curtains knock everything over.

 This buffet was one of the first pieces Michael and I bought as a couple, so I reckon it’s 15+ years old. Big plans to revamp that too!! I’ll be repainting the walls my fave Aqua colour and taking the colour scheme a little into the Lounge Room.

I still think I have the best view in the world……no neighbours’ rooves, just treetops, powerlines *snort* and the ranges….ahhh.

I will be blogging more too. I have had 4 big occasions in a row – Mackinley’s birthday, our Anniversary, Michael’s birthday and today Rainer’s birthday, not to mention the school holidays in amongst all that – so since about mid-May I’ve been in full-Mummy/Family-Mode. Time to give a little to myself again until the end of the year.


Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

7 thoughts on “New Studio!

  1. Oh luuuurrrve your studio Gigi, so bright and cheery, I can see lots of creative goodness coming soon… perfect that you can see into the lounge room XXX

  2. was just thinking the other day, how your new space was coming along…thx for reading my mind & posting pics! ;DI'm so happy for you with your own space…..YAY to more Gigi-creativity! x

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