Holiday fun and creative goodness!!

It was Day 3 and it began with an early start and Rainer into another fresh batch of SCD Frozen Yoghurt *sigh*. He just loves that stuff.

…and he spends most of the time at the freezer hoping to sneak in some while I’m not looking….yeh, right!!

I decided to capitalise on the kids’ wonderful mood and began constructing the CAVE OF STARS that I got from the Play At Home Mom blog and I love it.

It is a HUGE string of fairy lights but was perfect for the size of the box.

Hubby took advantage of the sales and bought some new business shirts so before he threw them in the rag pile, I asked him to take the buttons off. I completely love how the stitching is still on there. Nice one Hubby!!

and buttons were a perfect addition to this secret project!
(all will be revealed next week)

123 for July is up.
The criteria is courtesy of Gina Rodgers:
colour=aqua/teal (FYI, my colour is Jo Sonja’s AQUA)
technique=layering to make a scene

Since I downloaded the Sue Pelletier DVD from ClothPaperScissors, I’ve been dying to try out some paper clay….which I might add….is totally freakin’ awesome!!!! This stuff is called Magic Clay and I got it from The Art Shed. You don’t need water or glue; just shape it and plonk it on. How easy!!!

AND those flowers are from Kaisercraft. They are conveniently on wire stems so I just trimmed the wire, dipped the end in Gel Medium and poked it in the heart. Leave to dry and those suckers won’t go anywhere!!!
Another trick to make this background is to turn all your expensive die-cuts into stencils and masks. This is a beauty from Sizzix and Tim Holtz. Find acetate that will go through your machine (I have a Cuttlebug) and crank away. I’ve made stencils and masks from all my die-cuts now and I love the variety I get from having both a stencil and mask in one!

The title is cut from a larger piece that I really didn’t like as a whole. I just cut all the words from the corner frame thingy and presto……new life from old chippies!!

AND everything looks better with a light coat of Jo Sonja’s Opal Dust. But you could use KindyGlitz in Crystallina instead.

All those ideas should keep you busy for a while!!

And I had a day off today.
I stayed up till 2am this morning doing canvases and mucking around in my art journal and just basically enjoying the serenity LOL.
Slept in until about 9am, showered and went to the Finder’s Keepers Markets at the Old Museum. Picked up some bargains (well I thought so) saw Ngaire and LJ and George and just enjoyed having my hands free.

Thanks for dropping by xx
More soon….of course if Blogger behaves LOL

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

5 thoughts on “Holiday fun and creative goodness!!

  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I've seen the paperclay in a workshop looks like a heap of fun and want to get some… Love those fairylights too… thanks for sharing your ideas Gigi… now to find time to get messy…. xxxxx

  2. Hi Gigi, I took some time this morning to peruse your blog. Gorgeous stuff. I have the same buffet so once you spruce yours you can spruce mine! I see that you love Sue Pelletier…she is a friend of mine and came and played at my house only two weeks ago. Have a look at our blog: and then click the banner to go back to the beginning to hear our interview about Art is…You. Anyway…off to build a cave of stars!! Sallianne x

    1. Hi Sallianne, thanks for dropping by. I’m so jealous of you Nth Hemisphere gals with all the talent up there. Happy you are bringing some of them Down here!!!! See you in March! xx giovanna

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