It’s a Fair Question….

I’m often asked, “What exactly do you do all day?”
Both boys are now in full-time schooling, the intensity of the day has scaled back a little and I don’t seem to be as exhausted as I used to be.

So, I thought I’d share with you exactly what I did yesterday.

Firstly, I made breakfast. We don’t eat cereal in our house. It isn’t satisying enough for our family. Rainer can’t eat anything processed or from the supermarket. Everything he puts in his mouth has been made by me or carefully supervised by me to ensure no grains, no sugar and no lactose and definitely no additives/preservatives/chemicals.

Mum & Dad – Merlo coffee (Riviera blend) in stovetop caffetiera. I have a “zabaglione” which I thank my Nonna for introducing me to. One egg yolk, 2 tsp sugar stirred with a teaspoon until light, then pour hot espresso over. Dad just has sugar in his coffee. White sugar; always white sugar. He leaves around 7-7.15am,

Boy 1 – bacon & egg muffin – 2 eggs, 1 rash bacon, english muffin. Sometimes I make another for Dad.
Boy 2 – banana pancakes – mashed banana, one egg, almond meal to bind – cooked in ghee (home made clarified butter). I pull apart his medicine and sprinkle it on the pancakes then drip his Strawberry-flavoured Cod Liver Oil over it to dissolve the meds.

Then I cook Rainer’s lunch and pack lunchboxes.
Lunch – chicken strips coated in a mixture of almond meal and home made pumpkin seed meal, salt, herbs. Mum helps me make a 2kg batch of this which is kept frozen.

After I drop Rainer off, it’s either shopping or come home and do Housey Stuff. Don’t need to bore you with that LOL. But it usually involves your run-o’the-mill domestic goddess jobs, phone calls, deliveries, internet research (mostly for Rainer stuff) and the distraction of forums or Facebook.

Yesterday I cooked this –

L-R: Ghee (only used 500g butter today) , home made yoghurt from 2litres of raw jersey cow milk (which is now fermenting for 24hrs in the dehydrator) and at the end are my beetroots which I didn’t get around to preparing for chips. Need to satisfy Boy 2’s need for CRUNCH! (See my beautiful shiney caffetiera? She’s a gorgeous 6-cupper. We also have a 3-cupper….mmmmm)

Today, I’ll put my gloves on and make some Beetroot Chips. Also today, some crackers, biscuits and if I get time, watermelon and raspberry ice-blocks.

Then I remembered that Rainer did a lot of sweating last night and had to wash the pyjamas, sheets, etc and re-make his bed.

Yesterday was also Swimming Carnival Day for Boy 1. It pays to school/play locally. Can fly in and out with ease!! First place in 25m Backstroke. Legend!!!! (just like his Mama)

Then I did the glorious pick up and cooked afternoon tea.

Rainer gets mighty clingy in the afternoon, so I spend most of the time before dinner just sitting with him while he does his preferred activity. Sometimes I join in but mostly I just watch. I’m not allowed to even read a magazine LOL…he’s very particular. At some point he’ll want some deep pressure activity so we’ll have a wrestle or I’ll give him a massage. Then we can swim or jump on the trampoline.

Mackinley does his homework. He’s pretty good with self-monitoring. He’ll wrestle Rainer if I need to start dinner.

Yesterday I managed to convince Mackinley that Magnetic Poetry was a fun activity…

and now he’s hooked (just like his Mama)!
At some point I start dinner. It was a bit of a pain yesterday because the boys wanted different things. I think they were tired.

Rainer – lamb cutlets with sea salt and mixed herbs cooked in Australian olive oil. He went through one tray (that’s 12..and a new record).
Mackinley – 3 sausages and veges. Today was carrot, cauliflower and corn (CCC) and I try to have 3 different coloured veges to give him all the vitamins and minerals needed.

A note on the sausages: I get them made in bulk (5kg+) from the organic butcher.  They contain pork mince, pork fat, liver; I provide the almond meal, sea salt, sage (or whatever herbs I feel like for that batch). He orders in special skins just for Rainer. They even separate the snags for me. I get them home fresh and re-bag them into packs of 5 and into the freezer.

Then the night-time routine begins. We all have them LOL. Once again, have to sit by the bath while Rainer plays. Most times he splashes me. It’s a game we have. Not so much fun in Winter 😦

Hubby called from work, blessing me with the news we were going to have our local Thai for dinner. I put our stuff back into the fridge for another day…woohooooo. He got home just after 8pm and we ate around 8.30pm once the boys were settled (finally).

At the risk of getting all “preachy” at this point (rotfl), I’ll just say that this works for us at this time.
Just putting it out there……
and if you’ve made it this far…….

Hello friend!!!! LOL

I have canvases to show next post. Yipeee!!

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

28 thoughts on “It’s a Fair Question….

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Gigi, and no, I would never ask whatever do you do all day. I've said it before – you are an inspiration. Leah xxx

  2. Great read, and very interesting for us Mums that think we have SOOOO much to do in our own domestic worlds…but looking at your day, omg girl you are amazing. xx

  3. WOW Gi…. and I thought I did a lot…. you truly blow me away…. you are AMAZING!!! xoxo charmanebtw… YOU are the special number one on our blog hop….the special word is: Ithis is the start of the chat with charm blog hop… hope you'll have some time to come with us LOVE YOU Charmane

  4. Gi, you truly are a wonderwomen … Here is me recently whinging over feeling stressed- boy don't think I really have a right to after reading this post. Thanks for sharing roomie, was a great insight into your day xxxx

  5. Hi GigiYou are an amazing woman. With so much going on in your day I'm amazed you get time to come up with the beautiful art works you do.I love your work.

  6. WOW…I've run out of time on the blog train (CWC) for anyone else tonight….I've just lost myself, having a peek into your world! YOU AMAZE ME….and you an such an INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!! thx so much for being you, open, honest and just plain gorgeous!!!!! x

  7. Hi Gigi. I've 'hopped' over here from 'Chat with Charm'. Love your work and your gorgeous blog. Lol! I'm tired just reading about all the things you do. You definitely are busy.Take care. xx

  8. I've hopped over here from 'chat with charm' but as you know, I'm a regular visitor of your gorgeous blog! 🙂 Just reading about your day has me exhausted…you truely are a wonderwoman!!!

  9. gigi, don't ever doubt yourself – you are so very amazing and doing such a wonderful job for your boys and your family… they are so blessed to have you. You're in inspiration in your day to day life and in your art! Bless you dear lady! xo

  10. Wow, I'm tired just reading all that !!! You have a mighty busy schedule, your boys are blessed to have you.Found you from Chat with Charm :)Have a great day

  11. Hi Gigi…I am totally gobsmacked by how much you have to do on a daily basis, how do you find time to do so much amazing scrapping as well?!! :)xoxo

  12. Oh My Goodness Gigi, its Mums like you that totally need and deserve special recognition that comes from special needs children! No one can know or even contemplate what an everyday day would be like for Mums like you unless they stand by you and actually see what happens first hand!Just the never ending research alone on foods and things must be so time consuming, let alone resourcing it all.And on top of all this, you create such beautiful things Gigi! You must have the kindest most pure heart to have to struggles you do and not let it get to you and reflect in a negative light! WOW! You amaise me. Your my modern day hero in an apron!!! God Bless and big hugs and thanks so much for sharing with us!! xxxx

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