123 + She Art

Howdy March!! Life has been very busy, so just a quick visual squint on what I’ve been doing (or lack of…)


The Colour is BLUE (light or medium)

The Technique is using DOILEYS. Here I’ve scraped some blue paint through a paper doiley onto her dress (oh the stain!!)

And your word for March is TOO/TO/TWO.

My page reads:
“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing……too much…and you just look like a wanker.” Julia Zemiro shared this kernel of truth during an episode of RockWiz…pmsl so hard I nearly choked!!! I finally had the opportunity to use it.

I’m enjoying this workshop sooooo much. Christy also shares some magic quotable moments on video. If she runs this again, it’s worth it, soooo worth it.

I have been delayed with my efforts from Week 1. I had a little interruption on my craft table…..

And as Mothers, you know to pick your battles. I wasn’t going there last week *snigger*. As you can see, Rolley was showing off to Mater and McQueen. Like I was going to break that up!!

But I finally managed to do the 3 backgrounds.

And I’m pleased as punch with them! I’ve got Girl No.1 completed so I’ll upload her soonest. Hopefully that will encourage someone to dive into the scary world of Mixed Media. It’s fun and gets you out of your scrapping funk.

Today was a tough day, but I feel more RENEWED after sharing these!

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10 thoughts on “123 + She Art

  1. Love your backgrounds! I have to keep the door shut to my scrap room otherwise Jenna would take it over too… LOL.

  2. oh gigi!love love love your stuff.. so awesome, so inspiring!I'd really love to do some mixed media art, it amazes me.. but wouldnt have a damn clue where to start!!.. master you must teach ME! lol..xox

  3. Hi Gigi Just popping in on Chat with Charm blog hopyou always amaze me you are an amazing Mama, wife and friend and such a creative artsy galI love yaxxx

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