123 Challenge for October

WELCOME to another month!! And I’m sure that in Brisbane, the sunshine is just around the corner….{rolls eyes}

123 October
Here are your criteria

Head on over to the 123 Challenge Blog for my step-by-step and special fool-proof tips on how to make a title by hand.

I am really enjoying opening up my Art Journal and finishing these smaller scale pieces of JOY!

September was a very busy month and a wee bit challenging. Lots of emotional energy spent on both boys, but I am pleased to say that the last 2 days have been wonderful.  To watch them play TOGETHER so beautifully makes all the hard core Mothering worthwhile.

Sometimes I need to put my scrapArt time aside to concentrate on family, to ensure future memorable photographic moments.

3 thoughts on “123 Challenge for October

  1. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    What a great journal page. I love the background and the word "go." I will be heading over to see how you did this just as soon as I leave here. BTW, the word verification is blings. Sort of appropriate for this spread, wouldn't you say (grin)?

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