sketch + award + inspiration

I had fun with this…..
“my friend dylan” – Nic’s CyberCrop Sketch challenge at Bon’s Scraps

incorporated the title in the not-so-random letters…

and the last bit of the title here.

That white mess is my handmade flower LOL.
Cut the knot off a string bag and heated it up…perhaps a little too much. But everything is fixed with Prima 🙂

Thanks to Nicole the CRAFT QUEEN for this beautiful award.

Now I have to nominate 10 blogs I LOVE
Corey Moortgat
Claudine Hellmuth
Vivian Bonder
Seth Apter
Alisa Burke
Kerry Murray
Altered Book Lover
123 Challenge
Linda B
I hope there is some new inspiration for you in that list.

PLUS….mention 10 THINGS ABOUT, well, “me”
1. I am short.
2. I have long hair.
3. I drive a daggy but awesome Nissan Pulsar aka “speed machine”
4. I like to have my hair washed by someone else.
5. I like my meals to be cooked by someone else. (see a pattern emerging here???)
6. I enjoy being alone, but love the company of others.
7. Colour on fingernails – maybe, colour on toenails – yes!
8. I can wear any colour at all…white is sometimes a problem, but most any other colour is fine.
9. I share maybe 10% of what really goes on in my life…what’s the point of the other 90%??
10. I love Triple J. (yes, even at my age – pmsl)

I’ve joined The Brave Girls Club. I have to say, each day’s emails have me howling at my keyboard which I guess is a good thing (see point #9 above). It’s run by Melody Ross and her website has a mantra which I found really really good for a number of reasons.
Thought I’d share it….

Not only are the words pretty cool, but visually, it’s got me thinking as well.
Hmmmm, what could I mean?
You’ll need to stay tuned until 1st September **wink wink**

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

9 thoughts on “sketch + award + inspiration

  1. Hey chick thanks for the award you know i am a slaker at doing these tee hee.Hey you didnt say how much your pic went for.Take care Kerry xx

  2. omgoodness!first thanks for the blog love.but second, holy crap i love your style! i will now be stalking YOU. you have an amazing way of grunge and beauty i really really admire!the flower with the safety pin through it is so exciting!thanks 🙂

  3. A big hug and tahnk you for the award, greatly appreciated. Keep up all the beautiful expression that you are creating and sharing.Art makes the world go around

  4. Hi Gigi! Thanks so much for the "award"! It really makes my day! I only wish I could get things together and post more often for those of you who have continued reading-ha ha! Have a great day! 🙂

  5. Deli paper is what you get when you buy a deli sandwich in the US. It looks a bit like wax paper, but without the wax. It is water resistant, so you can't use watercolors very easily. However, it takes acrylic paint super well. You might be able to buy it in the wax paper, foil, etc. aisle of your local supermarket, or if you have a Sam's Club or WalMart (is WalMart everywhere?), you might be able to buy it there. Here is a tutorial I did awhile back. It shows the box and the name is Kabinet Wax by Dixie (the drinking cup people, I think). Sorry I can't link it, but you can paste it into your browser and it will take you to the tutorial.BTW, I KNEW everyone would LOVE your blog. You are one special artist!

  6. THANK YOU amazing lady for leading me to this Brave Girls Club!This has come at a time for me when it is really, really needed.I just say here at my work desk reading their blog and crying!Thank you for the guidance!xxxxx

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