A special Lady

Here’s the mixed media project for the school Dinner Dance auction tomorrow night. I tells ya….my eyes are buggin’ outta my head!! I’m exhausted but glad she’s finished.

Originally, this was inspired by the Let’s Get Shabby challenge site, then it kinda got put aside and slowly morphed into this project for the school. Loads of inspiration from my favourite people…..Kelly Rae Roberts…

Corey Moortgat….

and Claudine Hellmuth…..

and just about every woman who has lent me their wings when mine were in need of repair….you are all fab ladies who really give me such a boost each and every day.
AND I’ve made cutesy little calling cards to sit next to it ****shriek****
I wonder how much my little Lady will raise?
Stay Tuned Peeps….

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5 thoughts on “A special Lady

  1. looks fantastic, Gigi! Hope it raises lots of money for the school. Love Claudine Hellmuth – I'm doing an on-line class with her atm and learning so much. Take care xx

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