love to share…

These 2 projects today…..

first a napkin swap with Sandie Downey

When Marelle sent me the link I couldn’t believe what the napkin was!!!! How freakish. Hope I did the napkin justice Sandie. I’m thinking of what to do with the other image…lmao, it’s a beauty! You’ll have to wait for that one…heehee.

And the sketch at Bon’s. Felicity wanted us to do some groovy paint swirls but got too impatient with drying time and smooshed it with a card, then stamped it with a tube. And we had to have “Mr” or “Mrs” in the title, but employed some poetic licence with that too — see! can’t tell me what to do !!!! LOL

Charm really wanted me to scrap these photos, so here you are sweetness xx

Just waiting for other stuff to dry……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

7 thoughts on “love to share…

  1. Giovanna – I just love, love, love what you've done with the napkin. It's fantastic. So arty. You are very clever.I have to say well done on the fantastic layout too – its beautiful and so much detail.Thank you so much for joining in my challenge. Can't wait to see what you do with the other part of the napkin.Luv Sandie

  2. this layout is just fabulous gigi…. i lurve those photos…. exspecially the big eyes ;)hahaha….hey – whats the napkin swap??? where did i miss this???? 😦 not in the loop with things :(love ya stuff babe!xoxo Charmane

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