the good – the bad – and the very silly

I don’t think I said that enough a few weeks back when THIS package…..

arrived on my doorstep!!!! And the story???? Well you know how it goes, you do the blog-hop one day and there is a little “leave a comment for a prize/RAK” comp. You leave a message never thinking you’d win, but it’s nice to leave messages anyway, especially when someone’s beginning a new venture and needs some support and encouragement……..

BANG, email arrives saying, “CONGRATS, you’ve won the card kit!”

Yes, I did write CARD KIT. Clearly this in NOT the card kit. We had to move out of the house for the roof to be replaced so the mail was a little lousy that week. Emailed again to explain the situation and was perhaps the kit sleeping at the PO???

Well, BANG AGAIN {bigger BANG}
the BANG you don’t expect in a million lifetimes!

Scared to open such a beautiful package, but I did and look what I found!!!!

The beautiful soul with many apologies attached (unwarranted I might add) is NAOMI COX who will be unleashing SCRAPTAPESTRY very soon. I cannot wait to dive into this and go places with so much AMAZING product.

MANY THANKS NAOMI from the very top of my soul!!! Good luck with the launch.

Another goodie is what I finished last week also but missed the mag submission deadline due to a naughty ISP.

It was for Scrapbooking Memories’ NO PHOTO layout. Loads of inspiration taken from Loretta Grayson and Vivian Bonder especially. Loaded up with yummy Prima flowers, fabric and ribbon and a funky chip accent from RW Laser Cuts (lurve lurve lurve).

We also spent the weekend of my 10 Year Anniversary and hubby’s birthday cleaning out the boys’ room. Laying carpet tiles (thanks for the tip Ngaire!!), cleaning the mould still from the November storms and installing bunk beds!!

They have never been happier at bedtime and the tiles have just made it sooo much warmer and it will be a breeze to lift and pack up in the warmer months. It now is the nicest room in the house.

I want to get started on MY bedroom next. There is just too much crap lying around and it’s beginning to depress me. My room is not one that encourages “togetherness” and all that stuff a boudoir SHOULD be. I don’t think DH would mind if the $$ was right.

The VERY VERY SILLY post belongs to NRL Player, Brett Finch in The Sunday Telegraph. It was a double page spread on 103 off-contract players effected by the GFC (yes, the sarcasm-meter is turned to HIGH).

When faced with a pay-cut of $200 000, he commented, “I’ll have to get a job or something else outside of footy to help my income.”

Poor darling, I can’t imagine what life would be like to play and train all week and only get $160 000 p.a. instead of $360 000.

I guess we’re all doing it tough.

For the rest of us mere mortals, remember to look after your SOUL.

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

9 thoughts on “the good – the bad – and the very silly

  1. What an awesome gift for such a special and well-deserving person. Love, love, love that page – it is just gorgeous. Need to see that in real life next week!

  2. wow what a fantastic page I reckon you should still send it in!!!love the GIFT….wow can't wait to see all the yummy things you do with all of that:)

  3. I agree with Deb and Malwow what inspiration this layout envoked in me and I am there with your comment about the boudoir mine is filled with Computer scrapp stuff and more scrapp stuff and more scrap stuff everywhere under the bed along the wall etcHugs to an extra special ladyxx

  4. OMG I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that page ….wher did you find thos praying hands or ddi you make them??AWEOSME babe!!!!great gift :)xxxxxthanks for the update babe:)xxxx

  5. LOL about the GFC pay cut – what a %$#@!&……….. LOVE your page G!!!! Hope your school hols are going great and you are not too exhausted. Love tam xxx

  6. wow, love your LO Gigi…all the little details are just awesome!!!nice pickup on the freebies -great stash!!! love the boys bunks too!!! 5 weeks to go till melbourne woohoooooo!!!!

  7. I love the quote you used on the layout, sorry you missed the cutoff for the submission.Enjoyt playing with your new supplies Gigi.

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