Instead of….

making whoopie with my bulging stash
I am blog-hopping for the month
and making whoppie with FaceBook!!!

Shoot me now!!

Nah, just jokes. I now love FB (much to DH’s disgust LOL) and have found my beautiful Contiki buddy from San Fran!! Whit whooooooooo.
Not to mention the few old school pals (we have our TWENTY-FIFTH year reunion next year… to the plastic surgeon – HOHOHO!!) …. this is where you all comment….”oh my god Gi, you don’t look THAT old!” hehe

Here’s what I HAVE been whoopy-ing with the last week or so.

Ta Da – Another page for my ART JOURNAL (thanks again Vivian). Food isn’t just food anymore…it’s way more complicated.

Decided to drop into Sarah Ward’s new little enterprise at Scrapbook Savvy and do at least one challenge for her cybercrop. This was Mel’s lucky dip.

Had to use:
G – ghost alphas/shapes
I – ink
O – organza ribbon (ta muchly pmsl)
V – vellum (i had absolutely none of this in my stash and was too lazy to leave the house, so used a Maya Road clear blossom)
Love the Rose Moka pp and my Fancy Pants stamps (yummmmy). These are photos of Rainer outside AEIOU one morning, refusing to get off the grass in the carpark. Thankfully those episodes are now very few and far between.

Then on Thursday, went to Flourish and did a class on Alcohol……no, wait, Alcohol Inks with Karlene – yay!!! Thanks Kars, had the best time playing and having the huge chat afterwards. Also met in person (finally) the delightful Michelle Jamieson and her buddy Leanne Stammatellos. Huge fans, so it was nice to share a chat with these gorgeous girls too.

And guess what? Had no food in the house, but we all survived!!! Funny how a day without cooking can still be productive!!! ‘mazing!

Rainer’s had an awesome week. He’s completely exhausted from his great gains in Term 2, but his OT was over the moon today in his session. I seriously thought she was going to cry. She figured 20 new or clearer words today!! WOW….what have I been doing????? Now a 6 year old birthday party to organise. His first birthday party since he was ONE! I’m nervous as hell.

Mackinley is motoring like the Duracell Bunny he is. We’ve had lots of talks to prepare, cubs meetings to attend and so the First Communion/Confirmation booklet is sadly behind schedule (strike me down). Half way through soccer season and tennis is finishing up this weekend.

Inkredible have a TWELVE HOUR (yes, 12 hours) crop tomorrow from 9am. Erm, won’t be there for the 12 of them, but hopefully hubby will let me escape for a couple of hours (pweeeease!!). They have organised a few challenges for tomorrow so don’t miss out.
They’ve also announced their first ever RETREAT at the end of August. Price includes a class by —- Ngaire!

That’s enough from me. My hands are frozen in this cold and draughty weatherboard house. Off to get cozy with my doona!!

because you know you want to….

and all you lurkers, please leave some lovin’, share the warmth in this very brief cold-spell!! xxx

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

6 thoughts on “Instead of….

  1. a) i would have said it, but you already did – i was surprised when i worked out how old that makes you, though!b) i'd have been worried if you'd just left it at "a lesson on alcohol"… surely you wouldn't need that lesson?c) that grump page is awesome! i love the yellow part of the title… mmm, rose moka, right?

  2. Hey G, Congrats to Rainer on his achievements yay!!!! And NO Anne she definately does not need a class on alcohol! Hope to see you today, Tam xx

  3. Gigi, you look gorgeous and I'm not even going to try to work out how young (compared with me) you are (other than you are a LOT younger). So glad Rainer is doing well at the moment and hope all your hard work and dedication pay off.

  4. Hahaha I had to giggle at the class on alcohol… inks.I have some here that I rarely use, might just have to pull them out now.I love the "Grump" layout, love the way you used the ghost letters.

  5. Hahaha I had to giggle at the class on alcohol… inks.I have some here that I rarely use, might just have to pull them out now.I love the "Grump" layout, love the way you used the ghost letters.

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