it aches….

and until I recover from a massive sugar and hysterical laughing overload from yesterday’s session with Ngaire at Inkredible

watch this little number that I found on her blog while I was looking for something completely unrelated {so annoying}

i want this forever………

and here’s what I did for Bon’s CC
Charm’s bling/blind challenge

and Bon’s colour challenge

and by “ONE” it can be one commitment, one child, one house, one covenant. For my traditional parents, it was one child. {just so you know, I don’t think that if you don’t have children, you’re not a family…okay?}

it’s so good to be creating again!

back soon……
brighter and buoyant……..

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  1. Hey GiLoved the art video…..I must say I’m quite missing my art now, I have started crochet and making Amigurumi….its ok, but just not the same as scrapping. Love your pages, your good with adding that touch of paint to your layouts, I never quite got the hang of it, take care, xox

  2. Your layouts are stunning Gigi, its good to see you crafting again.The first image (video?) isn’t showing up for me but its a goo thing your layouts did. lol

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