it aches….

and until I recover from a massive sugar and hysterical laughing overload from yesterday’s session with Ngaire at Inkredible

watch this little number that I found on her blog while I was looking for something completely unrelated {so annoying}

i want this forever………

and here’s what I did for Bon’s CC
Charm’s bling/blind challenge

and Bon’s colour challenge

and by “ONE” it can be one commitment, one child, one house, one covenant. For my traditional parents, it was one child. {just so you know, I don’t think that if you don’t have children, you’re not a family…okay?}

it’s so good to be creating again!

back soon……
brighter and buoyant……..

3 thoughts on “it aches….

  1. raquel says:

    Hey GiLoved the art video…..I must say I’m quite missing my art now, I have started crochet and making Amigurumi….its ok, but just not the same as scrapping. Love your pages, your good with adding that touch of paint to your layouts, I never quite got the hang of it, take care, xox

  2. Melanie says:

    Your layouts are stunning Gigi, its good to see you crafting again.The first image (video?) isn’t showing up for me but its a goo thing your layouts did. lol

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