Greetings from Denver!

Well, it’s already Sunday here and tonight we’re off to an ice hockey match between the Colorado Avalance and San Jose Sharks, Downtown at the Pepsi Centre. I’ll try and nab some photos of the human carnage LOL!!

But back to the beginning of this US adventure….

The flight from Brisbane to LA was unreal. The plane was half full and I had 3 seats to myself – very nice, thank you! It’s been ages since I flew Qantas where they give you EVERYTHING – pillow, blanket, eye mask, toothbrush and toothpaste, snack bag, lunch, dinner, breakfast, drinks. I felt perfectly spoilt. I managed a sleep somewhere over the International Date Line.

Movies are free too. Watch “Sex and the City” and laughed (on the inside) and cried. Such a good movie.

Even developed a little cartoon character that I’m going to submit to a competition run in a fab new magazine I bought in Brisbane called “Frankie”. One of the most refreshing mags in ages.

Anyhoo, yucky 6 hour layover in LA. I think that was the most tiring part of the journey. Then slept on the flight from LA to Denver. The cab ride from DIA to Lakewood cost about usd90 and was horribly long, into the setting sun

Devner? High altitude and FLAT!! Really, really flat. Surrounded by the most magnificent mountains though. I have to keep remembering to look the OTHER way when crossing the road, but then I get confused by which was is the right way – does that make sense??? pmsl

Had time for a shower at the Sheraton before Michael comes in to take me out to meet the gang at the local grill – Chad’s. HUGE portions. Forgot that about the US. Ridiculous servings of food – and the tipping, and the tax that’s NOT included on the ticket price. Ouch. So much to get into trouble with.

Woke at midday on Saturday and went to Kona’s next door. The only place that knows how to make coffee that isn’t that crappy brewed stuff. Dave told me how to order a Macchiato in “U.S. speak”, so now I’m okay LOL.

Took the number 16 bus Downtown to 16th Street Mall which is like the Queen Street Mall but with a bus running up and down it. Found a fantastic vintage store called Cali & Mo. Bought a fabulous, one-of-a-kind ring made by a local disabled artist. Going back next week to try on some vintage frocks. Yay!!

Caught the peak hour number 16 which was very colourful and busy. A local told me public transport usage had quadrupled since the oil/financial crisis. It’s too expensive to buy petrol. It’s about $2.40/gallon.

Dinner at 320 Union, next door. It was Halloween so the staff was dressed. The food was good, but again HUGE portions.

It’s Saturday, and the breakfast at Kona’s is good but you can really smell the chemicals in the food. That’s different!!! We get picked up by Raja and Prava who drive us to Vail.


There’s no snow, but you can really imagine how majestic and magical this place would be, especially with the kids. Lunch at Pepi’s – a german restaurant/hotel – and the food was great. It’s Michael’s mission to try every micro-brew in Colorado. He’s doing great so far LOL.

After some souvenier shopping and the purchase of a gorgeous necklace from a local artist, they drove us to an outlet centre and I bought a new handbag, wallet and shoulder bag from Coach.

Then they took us to Polo outlet and I bought a jumper. Apparently it’s going to snow on Wednesday!!

We decided to eat in last night but we have free pay TV (a novelty for us). Watching so much cool stuff not in Australia yet (like Dexter, some Law & Order, etc – haha, not telling ANYTHING!!) and “Casino Royale” again in preparation for the James Bond/XMas function for Beyond coming up.

I have more details in my journal, but there’s the bare bones of it.

More to explore next week. I have 4 more days to cram into Denver.

The boys are doing well at home. Rainer’s being a delight, and Mackinley and Joe are just about velcroed to each other!! It’s making me relax more.

Back in a couple of days!! Hope all my cyber-chikkies are well {mwah}.

good-bye from the Mile-High City….

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

6 thoughts on “Greetings from Denver!

  1. Hey GiGi,Trust my useless cyber butt to add a comment to an old post the same day you finally make a new one!! I don’t think I’ll ever get a hang of this stuff. Took me a bloody hour to post the last message!Denver sounds fabulous, you sound renewed and the pics of you and Michael are slightly reminiscent of honeymoon snaps! Fabulous.Love to you both,Trish xx

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