Sigh and Breathe….deeply!!

I’ve noticed recently how out of touch I’ve been with the world around me so I went and read EVERY blog tonight on my Bloglines feed.

What did I notice? That just about everyone has their good and bad days, and thanks for sharing those moments, however difficult they may be to document. I certainly don’t take pleasure in reading others’ hardships, but it’s comforting to know that Mums are coping with their child’s challenging behaviours, absent husbands, strained friendships, overbearing relatives, illnesses, disappointments, etc….

You ARE human!! I was worried everyone had taken the train to “Perfectsville” and left me behind….yes, I AM joking. I know you don’t all live perfect lives, although I wish I had the organisational skills some of you possess!

Hence the deep breathing. This follows my previous visit to the Chiro, where he reminded me to BREATHE DEEPLY so my diaphragm doesn’t pop my stomach back underneath my ribs. Again, the most interesting pain…ever! Even more interesting than the OBGYN breaking my waters….yep, THAT kind of interesting!!!

We’ve had to make some tough decisions these last few weeks. Mostly to do with Rainer’s schooling and health. The outcomes have been mixed. GOOD that he’s staying at AEIOU till the end of the year, GOOD that the hookworm seems to have gone, BAD that he now has a different parasite (a nasty bloodsucker that I’ve never heard of), GOOD that we’ve made an appointment with Dr Neubrander for next April. He specialises in using HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy to stimulate stem cells to speed up repair to the brain. Sounds a little drastic???

Well, initially, YES! The risks are there (mostly to do with the optic nerve) but we’ll talk to him and see if Rainer is a suitable candidate. You’d investigate any avenue to heal your child, wouldn’t you?

Have been scrapping and having a ball. Nothing I can show yet because one is for a photo swap and I want the lovely gorgeous woman/mum/scrapper to have it in her hot little hands before I reveal it. I love it so much, I want to keep it!!!!

The other layout is for Buzz and Bloom’s Scraplift the DT challenge. In the end I went with Lusi Austin’s “Special Time with Aunty Meng”. I had all the B&B bits and paint and ribbon, yes, RIBBON and am really happy with it. Can’t wait to do a few more challenges.

Off you go and have a look!!! I want to do some of the 5 scrappy challenges if my dear children will let me….maybe at night!

Trish and I went to Valley Fiesta the other Friday night and naughty me didn’t walk in the door until 3am!!

Was Michael worried? YEAH!!! Poor Trish felt out of synch with all the “youngies” in the Valley so we ended up….yep, back at The Caxton. One of the Bartenders was an ex-student and she’s STILL petrified of speaking in front of groups. Poor thing vomited during her Year 12 English Oral. Well, it was a poetry deconstruction. Enough to make me puke after hearing 20+ of them over the week. Nah, they were all fabulous, from memory.

Have been dreaming of my new house and how I will decorate it. My 2 favourite periods in High School Art were Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Talk about worlds apart!! Just thinking of how I can use BOTH. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted!

Also, need a blog update. Hubby hates it now and thinks it’s no longer “me”!! He thinks I’ve gone BOHO CHIC….well, okay, he didn’t say those actual words, but that’s what he was aiming for. So if someone wants to put their hand up for that one too….love to hear from you (or dob in a friend, heehee!) I’m a good student too. So if you just tell me how, I’ll find a way.

brighter and buoyant…

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

11 thoughts on “Sigh and Breathe….deeply!!

  1. Hiya Gigi!Nah, definitely no train running to “Perfectsville” here! LMAO.. Glad you had a great time in the Valley, we were supposed to go, and I’m sure we would have walked in the door at the same time :o)Hope Rainer recovers quickly too. Good news about the Dr appt! Talk soon,Karlene xx

  2. No train trip to “Perfectsville” for me either, lol.I hope Rainer is okay, thats great that he can stay at AEIOU til the nd of the year and I hope he can get the therapy if that will work for him.Take it easy sweetie, one day at a time.

  3. Hey G, Good to hear from you again. I like reading your posts, you should do them more often – how hard can it be????! Of course I live in Perfectsville with my perfect “family” lololololol! Good news about your plans for Rainer – yes I would do absolutely anything for Eliahn too. Talk to you soon, take care, Tamara xxxx

  4. Hi Gigi,well I feel like I live in perfectsville , only for today though LOL!!! I’m sure my little bubble will burst very soon!!but I will enjoy it while it lasts, but hey I didn’t even know the Valley fiesta was I am getting old!!!! You girls looked like you had a fabbo time!Well deserved tooo!!!Reneexx

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