the layout ~ the card ~ a new disability

The layout.

I love Ngaire’s classes. Not only because she’s wonderfully easy to talk to about just about anything, she’s a Capricorn too, or that she has some great Tatts, but also because she teaches me how to EMBELLISH!! I can chuck stuff on a layout now and not think it looks crap! And we always ALWAYS have yummy rocky road at the classes. Would taste better with Dark Chocolate Tina….LOL.

This is the card I made for Michael for Father’s Day.

And to another beautiful scrapper (that I haven’t met yet- but soooon)…Charmane. I learn from her to layer with gay abandon. No-one does it better. xxx And that’s the inspiration I used for this card.

See – little things all come together for me.

The writing project is coming along nicely. I think I’m up to page 10 and have had a break-through this morning (or was it last night?). Slowly working towards contentment and fullfilment – which is probably a good thing considering the approaching major milestone!

Watching the paralympics last night. Had the neighbours 2 kids over as well. Mackinley and H having a chat about the cycling.

M: He doesn’t LOOK disabled.
H: No. Maybe he has another, like in the mind.
Me: Oh, you mean an intellectual disability.
H: Yeah, like X (another neighbourhood kid), he gets angry really quickly.
M: Hey, maybe the cyclist is a VEGETARIAN!!

Ah, Mackinley. The light of my life at just 7 years of age. Where do you get this stuff from???? Wet my pants for about half an hour thinking about that. Still cacking now. Nearly as good as the “F” word story.

brighter and buoyant…..

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4 thoughts on “the layout ~ the card ~ a new disability

  1. LOVE your layout and that CARD too 😉 and glad you’ve learnt to layer gayly…. pmsl…. is that a word? definitely not spelt write anyway!so is this writing project going to turn into a book? I’m sure it will be very INTERESTING ;)and OMG Mackinley is priceless! I have a few Vegetarian friends too…. LOLtoo funny!Love Charmaneless than a year or so til we meet too btw 😉

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