Happy Fathers Day

Canvas for my beloved….

hopefully this will make its way to his NEW office. He spent all of Saturday moving boxes from one end of town to the other. Now tonight, poor love is sick as a dog. Working 12 hour days does eventually catch up with you.

Some detail shots

We had a great BBQ with Peter and his new love Karen (and she’s REALLY nice), Mum, and the Sauvages. Great afternoon, great company, great food. What more could you want???

Over at Bon’s, Dannii is keeping us all on track using FlyLady. I’m actually enjoying someone telling me what to do…..Yes, shocking!!!! The house is slowly de-cluttering itself (hehe) and I have more time for more interesting things {wink}. So I don’t miss an update, I joined her Yahoo Group, I don’t visit anywhere regularly anymore 😦

Did, however, make an appearance at Scrap Therapy’s CC. Allie was running a blind challenge so managed to finish another layout for Lilly’s album.

And who, may you ask, is that divine bridesmaid behind Lilly??? Well, that would be me. 12 years younger, looking and feeling fabulous. Michael and I had just started dating and I knew then that he was the man I would marry. Ahhhh. Still married!! After all, I wasn’t getting any younger. Had to bunker down and find a “keeper” instead of all those play things I kept.

Now the only place to visit is Forever Always and my guilt-ridden angst will be alleviated.

Today I did something I hadn’t done for a very long time. I took myself off to a cafe in a quiet part of town, took out a notebook, and WROTE!!! OMG…yes, the written word spewed forth and if I didn’t have to get Rainer, I think more would have happened.

So exactly WHAT did I write? Can you believe a letter to MYSELF and a mystery “other”. A mystery even to my husband, because it’s one of those letters/pieces that you write for about 15 pages and then promptly BURN!! This little chikkie has a CARGO LOAD of baggage holding her back and hopefully this piece is one of a couple I desperately need to compose before I move on. Unfortunately, they all take some time and energy to write…like most things in life.

I have finished the layout from Ngaire’s class but haven’t scanned yet. I have a couple of outstanding/unfinished projects lying around that will be finished by month’s end.

Finally, the first Fathers Day without Dad…

our new “Nonno Candle” that burned all day Sunday. Sandalwood, he would have liked that…..he probably would have complained of the smoke/smell/melting wax, but secretly, he would have liked it.

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

3 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day

  1. Love your Canvas and Candle – great ideas!!!Would have loved what you wrote Gigi 😉 and can’t wait to see your layout from Ngaires class too!Love Charmane

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