Some Days….

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I take a photo like this one….

and this one…

totally spur-of-the-moment but they “SAY” so much to me. I might send one of them off for the photo swap at Bon’s. And yes, my hair is thankfully growing back to it’s former glorious length after having 10CM chopped off in May. Never going back there again!!!!

Tonight I’m going to try to get to Scrap Therapy for their CyberCrop Blind Challenge. I feel another wedding page that needs urgent attention.

Went to Rainer’s Pfeiffer GP this week and by the end of the hour, my brain was MUSHY. Soooo much information to absorb, so many variables but in the end, I feel like we’re getting somewhere. Tried again with the meds in goat’s milk but he didn’t go for it. Only drank half the milkshake. Will try again and again and again. Have ordered the Methyl B12 injections from a pharmacy in Sydney and Bethanachol from the local pharmacy. Fingers crossed we see some neurodevelopment, especially in joint attention and his dyspraxia becomes less pronounced. Already Rainer is speaking more clearly and we’ve begun the sentence strip on his PECS book. Very exciting!! He’s taking to it really well.

I emailed Belinda Venables today to show her this layout….

and share a beautiful story with her. I was reading the last Scrapbook Creations with Belinda’s article on clean and simple scrapping and Mackenzie’s Thomas layout. WITHOUT PROMPTING Rainer looked, POINTED, and said “Tobbee” (that’s his Thomas word)!!!!

yes, a little tear
yes, a lot of praise
yes, a lot of smiling by me and Rainer
yes, I thanked Belinda for helping us out!!

Last night I took him out onto our little porch which is at the front of our house. Rainer looked at Michael’s car on the road, POINTED, and said “CAR”!!

I’m going to put myself out there and declare my brilliance at a mother and want you all to nominate me for MOTHER OF THE YEAR!! LOL…of course NOT!! Despite these wonderful advancements, there are also a hell of a lot more tears, tantrums, frustrations and self-doubt. I just CHOOSE to only share much of the good stuff. As mothers, we enjoy sharing our childrens’ proudest moments – we can’t always be full of the hard reality. At the moment, I’m in one of those lovely BUOYANT phases. Not explosive, just really really happy….content but not complacent.

Great movie. Very 1970s!! Lots of rudey bits but a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks to Kelly, Narelle, Jane, Chris and Jo for making me laugh last night. The place was deserted…last home game for the Broncos and Wayne Bennett’s last as coach. Lang Park was literally up the road and there was NO-ONE on the street……GHOST TOWN!! We’re a funny bunch.

Thanks for your kindness and friendship both here and with your emails. It means an awful lot to me to know you’re lurking and supporting me.

brighter and buoyant….

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

2 thoughts on “Some Days….

  1. Great news that you are having some breakthroughs with Rainer.You are one very patient and determined lady.I love the pic of you and B you pair of clowns.And yes B has a wicked sense of humor.take care Kerry xx

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