The Importance of Being Regular

Means you avoid really LONG posts!

However, I have been very busy with family things (as we all are) and last minute “I’ve had a cancellation and can fit you in” type appointments. I love it when someone’s misfortune benefits ME!! Indulgent, yes, but it means another piece of crapola is struck off that HUMUNGOUS list of THINGS TO DO…..

Wednesday…..indoor rock climbing at Urban Climb at West End organised by AEIOU. Convinced Michael to take the day off work and took Mackinley out of school for the day!!! Well, Michael had to go in early for a meeting but he made it to the venue in time.

Rainer patiently allowed us to harness him and he climbed half way up the beginner’s wall. AWESOME!! Then realised if he let go…….he swung quite safely. He was pushing off the wall, seeing how far out he could go and doing just about anything the instructors were freaking out about.

His expression was priceless. Pure joy of discovery!!

Then it was Mackinley’s turn. He’d been complaining all morning that he wasn’t feeling well. I thought he was just nervous about the climb and being a general woos-bag, then he was shivering at the venue and eyes watered up and……yep, FEVER. Fantastic!!

He was great to make it a little up the wall, but was so unwell. Better luck next time buddy.

I don’t think an excursion is complete without having a go yourself. Up I went – easy.

Michael and I went climbing up Kangaroo Point cliffs a couple of times B.C. (before children) and I really really enjoyed it. It was like jumping back on a bike!!!

And like any ambitious Capricorn, said, “where can I climb next?”. Instructor pointed to the wall/coloured hand holds etc but of course I was sooooo excited went to the wrong rope!! Note for future: blue – intermediate; purple – DIFFICULT.

She went purple……

Postscript…..arms lost all feeling for a couple of days, neck hurts like the clappers, but had a BALL!!

Michael took Mackinley home. Rainer had his speechy appointment.

Friday…..Soccer sleep over…..we went but took Mackinley home for a sleep…still feverish.

Saturday……Ngaire Bartlam class at Inkredible….didn’t think I was going to make it, but thankfully did. Love the layout but haven’t finished so only a sneak peek.

Finished all layouts for Bon’s CyberCrop. So in one week I finished 7 layouts and was only bitterly disappointed with one layout.

Not bad going really. Now I’m plumb tuckered out and looking forward to just concentrating on family for a while.

So why am I going to the movies with some Girlfriends tonight??? Because I Can!!
HAHAHA……very much looking forward to catching up with Kelly 🙂

and then there’s

Father’s Day on Sunday….really need to finish Michael’s gift from Me

but the MOJO has escaped me today. Had too many coffees this morning with Trish pmsl….TOO WIRED!!!!

Mackinley is now well after one week at home. The benefits of being a STAY AT HOME MUM: no antibiotics, just relax, keep them rested, love them much and take your time nurturing them back to health.


brighter and buoyant……

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Regular

  1. I so wouldnt even get up one little step haha.The kids look like they liked it too.You have been so busy scrapping girl go for it.take care Kerry xx have a great weekend chiccie

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