the doctor is in….

I have been feeling like opening a psych practice the last few weeks. The amount of free advice (and very fluid and poetic advice at that!!) I’ve been dishing out has shocked me into realising that perhaps……

just perhaps………

i have………..


I remember having this strange sensation at 19, then at 29, and now (dare I say it) at 39.

As one clever little munchkin so eloquently put it recently…..

my INFINITE WISDOM. (now I know you’re sucking up!)

It’s really, really unsettling.

I’m the irresponsible one of the family; I’m the one who makes really terrible decisions, who acts impulsively (sometimes with dire consequences), speaks her mind (often with dire consequences), hates being told what to do and how to do it (stop nodding so furiously girls) and generally is the thorn in everyone’s side – but such a cute thorn!!

I’m scrapping too. M brought home a spare screen from work and I swear to God, it must be the first flat screen monitor EVER made. The depth of this thing is extraordinary!!!!!! I’ve had to chock the shelves onto the Yellow Pages just to fit it in!! Makes altering photos in PSE really tricky because the colours are a bit off, but I’m managing okay.

Can you see something different??? Apart from the fact that my and Trish’s hair is long and we have fringes, and that all the girlies in the tree are blonde (pure coincidence!!)…

I’ve swapped sizes because now I have an idea to put all/most of these ones for publication and they’ll be like a more updated “Book of Me/Us/We/Them”. It really is a great size for 4×6 photos. See how I go.

And I’ve had no sleep. Rainer woke at 2am and wouldn’t settle. Yep, here we go again. And because I’ve been playing “Cereal Box Therapist” to the girlies — couldn’t sleep anyway!! So like any decent human being, looked at the clock, it said 5.45am so I changed into my gym gear and RAN AWAY!! I really only got narky at bedtime, but it’s amazing how effective the threat of bodily violence can do to little boys’ motivation to slumber!!!

I have “Full Metal Racket” on in the background and it’s so FULL ON, that I’m just giggling like a school girl. Love the variety on the Js.

More finished layouts soon and a little more PERSPECTIVE coming…..

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

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