new recipe…

at Forever Always tonight but Rainer was being a troublesome


Happy 5th Birthday my sweet sweet prince!!!

The kiddies at kindy loved my carrot-cake-muffin-thingys today. Recipe is from “Healing Foods” by Sandra Ramacher (an aussie) and this is where I’m getting most of my recipes from now on. Such a relief…..

I’m keen to get onto Stage 2 but need to get rid of this hookworm first. Made almond milk to hide the Vermox in a milkshake, but the bugger wouldn’t go for it. I think we might have to just risk cow’s milkshake at Cafe Tara just to get it into him. I’ve done this diet once, I can do it again!!

HOW HARD CAN IT BE????? (that was for Tamara {wink, wink})

I have this layout on my desk following the purge the other day. It’s the only photo I had ready to print b/c Belinda V photoshopped it before she sent it to me!!! Yes, supremely LAZY!! Very cute photo though and I like it…but still haven’t had the time to stick it all down. Needs something else and I’m sure it will come to me…..

And I’m loving my music again. It’s such a powerful medium for me. I have it on when I scrap, cook, clean, wash and drive. It’s on right now “Home and Hosed” on Triple J. This song just evokes something powerful in me and I know there’s a layout in there…somewhere

No video clip yet, so just click PLAY and listen – hopefully you’ll know what I’m rabbiting on about

“Embrace” by Pnau

brighter and buoyant……

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4 thoughts on “new recipe…

  1. That’s right G, how hard can it be???!!!! 😉 Happy Birthday Rainer!!! Just watched the end of the Jaimie Oliver show, that was yucky at the end hey!!! But OMG very interesting… You’re right, that chook show will be one to watch. Was good to catch up yesterday. will get around to doing that kit up for you – have already forgotten the name we gave it… hope you can remember cause i thought it was good! love tamara

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