the TAG, the LAYOUT, the MASTER and the WAIT

the TAG
Okay Charmane!!!!

Question 1: Ten years ago I was…. 29 years old, I’d just scored a permanent full-time teaching position (very rare) at Villanova, Michael and I had just got engaged. Everything was PERFECT!!

Question 2: Five things on my to do list today: 1)get Rainer to school on time; 2)keep Oskar and Mackinley occupied on pupil-free day; 3)bake one more thing; 4)ring Trish for a good gossip; 5)fold and put away clean clothes for tomorrow.

Question 3: Snacks I enjoy: roasted almonds, dark chocolate, vanilla choc chip ice-cream, red wine (is that a “snack”?), and whatever someone else wants to cook for me (I’m not very picky these days LOL!!!!)

Question 4: Things I would like to do if I was a Millionaire: well, we’ve just paid off the house, so I guess we’d build whatever house we wanted once we tore this house down (love the area too much to move), split the rest with family (naturally), put some aside for the boys continuing education, buy myself an old Mercedes Benz convertible – a really, really old one, pay someone else to clean the house!!!!!!!!

Question 5: Places I have lived: BRISBANE, BRISBANE, and BRISBANE. Why would I want to live anywhere else???? Hmmmm, do I count the month in San Francisco? or the 2 weeks in Toronto? or the month or two in London?

OK I’m going to tag 7 more people
TOMORROW!!!! hahahahahaha

The latest Scrapbooking memories in the Quirks gallery…

I think this was the first time I just piled stuff on a layout. It was for a “How Much is Too Much” challenge. I should get back there to deplete my stash!!

Last Wednesday Michael took the day off and I went to the Picasso’s Collection exhibition at GoMA. OMG….so glad I went. I really loved Picasso out of all the Masters when I studied Art. He really reminded me of what we do as scrapbookers. HIs style changed a lot over his lifetime, he swapped his artwork with his mates, and I believe now that he was the first to do ATCs and mail art!!!!

You’ll just have to go see for yourself to understand that – no photos allowed in GoMA, of course.

Bought some goodies for myself and some prints to hang in the new house (whenever that gets built)…but I wait patiently….photos for another post.

And we wait……
to scrap tonight……(how many 123CC challenges can I finish??)
so no MSN chatting please!!!!!

YOU’LL have to wait…….(hehe)

I think Rainer is ready for Stage 2 of the diet. VERY EXCITING!! This means more vegetables and fruit but only one at a time. He’s coped with everything so far, so fingers crossed.

brighter and buoyant…..

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

3 thoughts on “the TAG, the LAYOUT, the MASTER and the WAIT

  1. congrats on the publication great layout.Good to see that you are progressing onto stage two with Rainer as well .take care Kerry xx

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