Delayed Gratification

Yes, I’m practicing this a little. Curbing the urge to pull all my scrap stuff out way before I should…way before school goes back on Monday/Tuesday and I can have the days to myself again…..ahhhh, pure bliss.

So until I can scrap again (and while the boys are out shopping) I’ll share this…


I’ve been very fortunate to meet a heap of celebs through AEIOU fundraisers and getting freebies with Kelly and through DH’s work, but I have to say that this man was one sweetie.

DH and I went to ROARS AGAINST RACISM soccer match at Suncorp last night. The curtain raiser was a bunch of celebs, politicians, sports stars, etc and was pretty funny to watch. We were in the Qld Govt corporate box (food was DELICIOUS and the company was good too).

The conversation with Mr Graham began like this…..

DH: Hey hon, your man’s arrived (in the corp box).

(I look – wide-eyed – just as he passes me and our eyes LOCK!)

Me: Oh Michael!!!!! (a little peeved)

DH: Excuse me Marcus, this is my wife Giovanna, and she’s totally in love with you!!

Marcus: Ha! That’s nice to know!!

and for the next 30 mins we chatted about soccer, Shakespeare and how he came up to Brisbane especially for the game….but mostly about Shakespeare and Frank Woodley’s hilarious one-man-show on ALL Shakespeare. Bloody funny.

Ditch Davey (Blue Heelers) was also there but didn’t get time to talk with that one…..

so was the Minister for Health – was going to bail him up about extra funding for Child Health but had too many wines by then and figured he needed a night off from being harangued!!!! (Nice, aren’t I???)

I’ve been tagged (boomerang-style) by Charmane and I’ve finished my CARDS THAT ROCK cards from Funkstreet Designs, but for another post. Boys are home.

Leaving with a song that I absolutely love at the moment….
Clare Bowditch “your other hand”
WHY WHY WHY is she leaving Oz????? I want to be re-incarnated as Clare…such a spunky chikkie and she DOES have it all

brighter and buoyant….

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2 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification

  1. I had to laugh at Michael blurting out that you were in love with Marcus Graham, thats what Peter would do to me. LolGlad you had a good time too.

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