a QUICK 123 layout and inspiration

Here she is…..
the layout that’s been sitting on my pile of crapola for 3 weeks….

she’s – a – done now!!

criteria included using the lyrics or title of a song as your title — OKAY, maybe I used a little artistic licence in the ACTUAL chorus and then again to make it the title….well, it’s all about self-expression, isn’t it?

and how much do I love this chikkie ~Santogold~?!!!!!
great voice, great back-story, great CLIP!!! omg….once again only for those who have an open mind and let the whole “free to express yourself creatively and submerge your clips with layers of meaning”

which I LURVE soooo much


more to come about organising every last detail of school holidays, a pissy girls night of chat with Trish, and the movie “Mongol”.
brighter and buoyant…….

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