SCD – Intro stage ++ who’s scrapping?

We started the SCD diet on Friday night and the little blighter’s been pretty much on HUNGER STRIKE since!! It’s really highlighted how much GRAIN we have in our pantry and diet — it’s quite scary really!! Another side-effect is he’s sleeping an awful lot, especially mid-morning.

We boxed all the foods that are grain-based and shipped them off to the Watts who were amazed at the quantity and variety of grain-based foods. Things you forget, like Rice Milk — grain-based. I think most of us are hot-wired into the whole “gluten free” trap that we forget that most all grains ferment in your stomach and cause all kinds of ailments.

And I’ve been cooking up a STORM!!!

(very pleased with my much-anticipated purchases)
I’m getting quite creative with 1001 things to do with chicken broth, cooked chicken, eggs, almond flour, coconut flour and plain gelatine (although the first batch of grape jelly was disgusting). Mind you, there have been many unpalatable creations too – they’re in the bin or feeding the chooks (LOL, they love my mistakes!!) At least Rainer’s trying some foods that have disappeared from his diet – like eggs. He used to love eggs!! He’s not keen on hard-boiled so we’ll try scrambled next.

At least we only have to be strict for the next few days and we can hopefully move onto Stage 1. A few more veges and spices can be added then (thank goodness!).


Lordy lordy lordy
thank the Lord for scrapbooking (or insert any pastime that breaks the busy-ness of the day)

Here’s my extremely late layout for Bon’s Scraps Paper of the Month. This was a toughie….then found this gorgeous photo of Meggie-Moo. Scrounged around for the million photoshop articles in Scrapbook Creations and voila!!

It’s not really finished yet. I’m going to find a photo of Lilly at the same age and pop it either top corner (depends on the colour and size). Love the aqua-blue with the pink and the touch of brown just warmed everything up.

Here’s another, just because I love my Mum…

a little tab pulls out a journaling card about how much I admire how Mum has handled things since Dad’s death. She’s sad but she’s also becoming her own person. Dad wasn’t a horrible person, but he wasn’t an easy man to live with either.

THANK YOU to all of you, who have left comments and emails about the Kit project. I’m glad you like my work :-))
and thanks for your words of support. It’s not easy some days, but a quick “hello” on msn or on the forums makes a world of difference to my day.

brighter and buoyant….

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3 thoughts on “SCD – Intro stage ++ who’s scrapping?

  1. Those layouts are just stunning Gigi. Love the paper of the month layout.I think I might have to look into the diet you are talking about to see if it can help Lillee and her skin problems. We are adviced to remove nuts and egg whites from her diet to improve her skin.

  2. Hey Gigi,long time no here,good to see you are on your way to the food diet.It will be quite a change for all.Love the latest creations chat soon take car Kerry xx

  3. I hate the word diet on a good day but your family diet sounds like a nightmare. Good luck funny how something so small can cause so much trouble. Love the layouts you still rockTanya

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