Reliable Sydney (pmsl….)

Well, I’ve been to Sydney about a dozen times so far, and each time in the last 20 years it’s rained……

and this time was NO DIFFERENT!!

I’m sure it’s just dumb luck, but I’m sure the city doesn’t like me :((( (can you hear the violins???). Love the people, always something to do/eat/see/laugh at, but the weather just goes sour.

We arrived midday Wednesday. Boys were angels on the plane. (as I knew they would be) Here they are on the way home.

Alan gave us the great idea of headphones on the plane — WORKED A TREAT!! When the plane was landing in Brisbane, Rainer took them off and seemed quite okay with all the noise. I always prepare food to save waiting for the cart (and the high altitude prices WOWSERS!!) Bought Mackinley a small art journal and took along my watercolour pencils and the aquapen – a great distraction.

Stayed on the 50th floor which made for great wind-swept hair on the balcony (hehe) and we could see the storms roll in and the planes land. Unfortunately 2 high rises blocked our view to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Visited Amy and Darren’s house that night – gorgeous little terrace house – for dinner. Michael was busy with Darren on Thursday morning then we went to get Mum at Antonietta’s.
Stayed for a BIG Italian lunch. It was great to catch up with Suzi and meet her hubby and little Dominic.

We met only because our Mums have known each other for 50+ years, but we became close friends and stayed in touch until the last 10 or so. Well, the conversation picked up like we were 20-ish again. My gosh, it’s probably been close to 20 years since I’ve been to Sydney.
Spoke to Louisa on the phone, poor thing had to work. NEXT TIME!!

Darren’s buck night Thursday. Yummy Chinese then off to 3 Monkeys. Great set-up. First time I’ve ever been swiped with a metal detector before entering a night club/pub!!!!!
Wedding on Friday RAINING!!! Managed to stay un-rainy until we got into the reception. Such a shame – the location was MAGNIFICENT. The rotunda at Balmoral Beach would have been great. But we had to settle for upstairs in the Bath House. Very squeezy.

And I’m going back here

to have High Tea with all my girlfriends next time I’m in Sydney. QVB Tea Room was splendid – truly splendid! Food, atmosphere, company … all magnificent!!

More piccies….

FYI the wedding cake was a HUGE lamington!! Yep, a huge square slab of choc mud cake (which was yummy) dressed up as a lamington. How cool is that?????

Saturday morning caught up with the Forever Always girls. Sonia, Paula, Debbie and Gab took some time out during the Cyber Crop to meet and lunch!! It was wonderful. I only wish we could have had more time. Thanks muchly. Sonia is the sweetest person. Hopefully I can con Michael into letting me off for their retreat in September (pweeeese!!).

Then to the Pfeiffer Outreach Conference (amazing stuff – can’t wait to start Rainer on this) then dinner with Leesa at Neutral Bay. Yummy restaurant called “in restaurant” on Military Road. Across from The Oaks (just incase you were wondering). Fantastic food and service. Again, way too short to spend with the evil wonder who introduced me to scrapbooking, but Sydney is way bigger than Brisbane, so no quick cab rides home in that town!!!!

While I was lunching/conferencing/dinnering, Michael and Mum took the boys to the Opera House (the only fine day during our entire stay – grrrrr).

Wish I could be there but I have a feeling we’ll be back. Next time the boys will be older and more manouverable and we can relax a little more. Next time the weather will like me more (b/c yes, it’s all about ME lol…) and we won’t be as rushed. Next time I’ll take TWO cameras so I can take photos when I’m flying solo.

So consequently, no scrapping so far. I played lots with MY art journal and watercolour pencils and aquapen (even got Mum hooked).

Have a busy social calendar this week…so up up up….

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

2 thoughts on “Reliable Sydney (pmsl….)

  1. Rain or shine – it still looks like you had a good time!Look on the brighter side…Cairns in ’10’ days – yes ’10 days…will be sunny…hopefully! lolSee you soon.Belindaxx

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