to zoo? or to who?

Well, today is the end of school holidays for Rainer, but Mackinley has another day with his doting mother (that’s Me!!). Originally we’d planned to take Rory and Mackinley to Alma Park Zoo, but true to form, it’s very dark and gloomy outside. While I was okay with the rains the last pupil free day we went to the zoo (it was summer then), I doubt we’ll survive without catching cold today….

So, I put it to Mackinley this morning: Alma Park Zoo or HOrton Hears a Who????

I would love for the boys to go to the movies, then I could get some shopping done before we go to Sydney (hehe) and we could stay INDOORS and not get sick AGAIN. Quite frankly, I’m over nursing sick kiddies. So far, we’ve had coughs and colds, the vomits and school sores – yes, I’ve had enough!!!

I vote HORTON!!! I’ll have to do the HARD SELL when he gets here this morning….

Catching the Pfeiffer Outreach Conference while we’re in Sydney. How very fortunate – I can’t believe how everything’s coincided – just beautiful. HOpefully I’ll meet the GP that we want to treat Rainer and he’ll hopefully bump us up his schedule. Heard some great things about him, and am very keen to begin treatment.

Should probably put Mackinley on the same treatment and cure his “I hate girls” mentality. It’s seriously worrying me. He hides in his room when Hannah comes over!

That’s just plain strange, and very concerning. I wonder how he reacts to girls at school. I feel a meeting with his teacher coming on…..

Here’s some scrappy goodness I finished for Scrap Therapy’s monthly challenge WORD INSPIRATION…. yummy About a Boy from Fancy Pants…. cannot get enough of this stuff!!!

Might squeeze another challenge in before we go. So much to organise but maybe I’m over-analysing everything. I’m sure we’ll all survive the plane trip. Here’s a sneak of my outfit that I bought from PINK MINT at Chermside. Lena recommended the frock shop and she was spot on. It’s FABULOUS!!!!

and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout for my next class at Inkredible on the 26th. Some sneaks and putting a modern twist on an “old” scrap/cardmaking product. Hmmmm, intriguing!!

Off to check Weather Tracker…..

brighter and buoyant……

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

3 thoughts on “to zoo? or to who?

  1. knock em dead in that dress babe i love love love getting dressed up … have a great time and you look gorg as a blonde imagine how much more fun your gunna have… sandiebonscrapsxx

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