Hi-Ya Blondie!!

So how do I look as a BLONDE??????

I know I said I would go as “slutty Sandie” from Grease, but then there were no decent blonde curly wigs left, so hummmmmmm’d and aaahhhhh’d and thought this originally looked a little Suzi Q.

But then by the time I put the whole ensemble together……I think I looked a little more tragic – and more like the real bad Blondie!!! Had 3/4 black pants and very VERY high gold heels, the REDDEST lipstick I could find and voila!!

Thanks to Tamara and Kathleen (Inkredible) for getting a table together.

They are amazingly generous with their time and they also put up with all my antics in-store!!

And I don’t know what I’d do with this “naturally” blonde chickie-babe…

and a REAL artist (not a “pretend” one, like me). Thanks Ang!!!

More goodness (scrap-wise) from this year that I’ve forgotten to add. Needed a new journal

and made some cute cards with scraps

No! no sketches. Just did them. Chucked it all on – even added embellishments!!!! (I’ll wait till everyone catches their breath!! LOL)

And finally some words of wisdom from NUMBER ONE…

Mackinley: (lying on the kitchen floor) “Oh no Mum!! I missed!”
Mum: “Missed what?”
Mackinley: “Your BUM! I’m trying to kick it but IT’S TOO HIGH!!”

I don’t think he realised how this is every woman’s dream!!!

brighter and buoyant (with reverse gravity in tow!!)….

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

7 thoughts on “Hi-Ya Blondie!!

  1. You LOOK HOT with blonde hair Gigi!!!love it!!!!also i just recived the “small wonders” mag today (my Mia goes to abc kids and say your story in there….I jsut ADMIRE you and all teh HARD work you do babe :)take care marijana M

  2. giovana, that hair is hot hon!!!!!. its really suits you……you look so different !!!!wonderful to see what you have been up to, such a busy girl.hope you are well.steph xo

  3. hey sexy hot mama! sorry to hear that you have a cold (really sorry if i gave it to you 😦 ). thanks for a great night out at the trivia night, definately going back next year! you are so freaking funny when you drink G – Stephen said to me “that Giovanna is a wild one!” Hope your school hols are going ok – I personally don’t want them to end cause then I have to go back to work! See you soon, Tamara

  4. HOW HOT ARE YOU!!! LOL…. it really does suit you!!! Love the cards girl… haven’t caught up with you for AGESSSS!!!!Hope you are OK 🙂 Love ya!Charmane

  5. HOW HOT ARE YOU!!! LOL…. it really does suit you!!! Love the cards girl… haven’t caught up with you for AGESSSS!!!!Hope you are OK 🙂 Love ya!Charmane

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