I’m okay – you’re okay – we’re okay

Thanks everyone who left a comment and emailed and MSN’d as well since the last post. I think I freaked out a few of you and I’m really sorry for that.

But as I said to Tamara today, it had to be recorded so that I can remember this moment and not repeat those mistakes. And also, I am really just way too full of myself, that there is NO WAY I would damage this Temple of human kindness and love. I just think I have too much to offer my family and friends (okay, now I have to curb that propensity to talk myself up too much PMSL!!!!)

I really, truly have to thank this beautiful girl….

my “little” sister (she hates it when I say that) Lilly. She is one cool, collected, clever chikkie who has given me soooo much clarity of late. Thank you my Lij!!

So yes, as I foretold, the SHITHOLE has composted nicely and my world is full of REAL possibilities, not those I have imagined that are hopelessly unattainable – I just needed someone to tell me that!!! I often wonder how hard it is for other people to have me in their life.


We’re doing this:

LOVE LOVE LOVE working with watercolour pencils. I did most of it on the couch with my AquaPen…so very relaxing and cool!!!

Okay, fantastic class at Inkredible on Saturday with Ngaire Bartlam where I did this:

and then that night did this:

?? the big button border???? Jolene Pienaar did this awesome layout for a mag last month and I thought – “So that’s what you do with those round things!!” I don’t know Joelene – but THANK YOU for doing lovely BOY layouts! and of course, thank you Ngaire for the advice, the inspiration, the laughs and always having the time to sit and chat about much and not much.

And OF COURSE I couldn’t resist all this yummy stuff in the shop.

This is me being RESTRAINED!! There are just heaps of fantastic lines coming into the shop. Some had already sold out on Saturday !!!

Have soooo much more to upload and record here – have to work out the slider thingy and get the gallery up and running too.

Don’t forget the 1000 hours initiative. Sign up. Should be interesting.

And we have a GIRLS ONLY table for the AEIOU Trivia Night on Friday night (okay, well Kathleen’s hubby is coming – brave soul). Ang and I are going as the slutty Sandie from Grease!!! Got to get me a freakin’ blonde wig now!!

back to being
brighter and buoyant……

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

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