So glad to see the money we’re spending on Mackinley’s Catholic education is paying off!!! Although we’re still battling with the question, “Why is Good Friday so GOOD??” and “Who killed Jesus!!?”

You’d think with a major in Theology and all things historical, patristic, sacramental and pedagogical, I’d be able to pare it down to the basics and explain it to my child!!!


Anyhoo, he decided to balance the whole “PASSION CONUNDRUM” with a little battle scene from Star Wars. Yoda is 5th from the right with the pointy ears, and the figures 6th and 7th from the left are having a light sabre duel.

a little interpretation required: “rchreet” is actually RETREAT……(not bad when you think about it!!)
I still need to do extra work on his apostrophe placement (and then I’ll teach the WORLD!!!!).

A lovely way-too-much-food-again lunch at Mum’s. We all commented on how easier it’s been the older the kids get. Aside from the fact that Rita, Marc, Cooper and Xavier were at the coast for the weekend – we RELAXED!!!

Mum sold the Merc!!!! The “german tank” that went from the factory floor to our wee abode at Newmarket in 1972, now has a new home (somewhere in Sandgate I believe). Mum’s been teary all week and I completely understand. That car was HER car and EVERYONE in the Grange and surrounds knew the car and her and we were forever waving to people in the street. It was kinda cool learning how to drive in that car. I really appreciated quality workmanship and the gentle hummmmmm of European cars. Fabulous stuff. And I doubt anyone else has had a car for that long either!!! They just don’t make them like they used to (even Mercedes Benz)!

For the motor buffs – it was a Mercedes Benz 230E Automatic 1971/72. There were only approximately 260 000 made in the dark grape purple colour with cream leather interior. Obviously no crumple zones in this car!!! Farewell old friend. Enjoy your new family. We’ll miss you 😦

Donnellys over for a BBQ yesterday. I must say for the first time in a LOOOONG time, we were supremely prepared….SUPREMELY!!! It’s amazing how the improvement in Rainer has affected our lives! He was happy, we were happy, the food preps were happy – EVERYONE WAS HAPPY AND RELAXED!! I felt like a different person and it felt GOOD!

Here’s cheers!!! Today I love my life.

brighter and buoyant….

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