the week that was ** A WINNER ** can you help??

I always like pushing myself to the limit. When I was young, energetic, foolish and pig-headed – I used to thrive on being overly-busy and (when the term became popular) “stressed”.

These days, hmmmm, not so much. I do love to be challenged and scrapbooking has given my a great creative outlet for that (people love my stories about just how much a piece of ribbon can be tortured!!). On an emotional level, this week just about broke me. Rainer has his cough back and it’s meant 3 days home with me, coughing like crazy and having monumental melt-downs!! I’ve been scratched, punched, bitten, head-butted, wrestled to the ground, pinched. Rainer has been slamming himself into all sorts of walls, doors, furniture and even glass. I was actually hoping for the police to turn up, just so I could hand him over, jump into the car and run away.

But then the screaming stops, the little breathless and exhausted body snuggles into mine and he huffs himself to sleep. I guess it’s then that I remember that all these perceived BAD moments are a step forward. Believe it or not. He’s beginning to make choices and get mightily peeved when I don’t make the right one for him. HE wants to take control – AND THAT’S GREAT. But there’s the obvious down side and I was glad to have Mum with me Thursday and Friday (coincidentally) to put a lot of his behaviour into perspective. “It’s not just autistic children that behave that way, you know!!”

Yes Mum, I know.

Back-to-back 40th birthday parties!!! This year we both turn 40 which means just about everyone we know and love turns 40 this year. Lucien’s was Thursday night at Lychee Lounge (just love the cocktails there) and Friday night was Graham’s at Mercure Hotel – bagpipes and all!! It’s awesome to get dressed up NICE for a change. We haven’t seen Graham and Natalie for about 3 years. Michael and Rossy see each other all the time {rolls eyes} so yes, it’s the rest of us that miss out – LOL.

No scrapbooking to speak of, although I do love some of the challenges out there. Maybe I’ll get something done by the end of the month. (yes, I hear the sarcastic laughter from all corners of the blog-world!)

CONGRATULATIONS PT. I really couldn’t get past the list of ultimate sacrifices in just one day!!!! Your bag of goodies await. And so too for Tamara and Melanie. Can’t resist being in an overly generous mood (and getting rid of some girlie scrap stuff – heehee)

My people will call your people, blah, blah, blah…….

This is on
1000 hours
I’ve registered because any initiative that helps our children reach their potential is a good one, and I’ve also spent the last week finding about how little funding there is in child health and development. Go to the website, have a read and that figure of $40 000+ per annum … is no joke either.

And this is on
AEIOU Trivia Night
I can just imagine how many KISS fans will turn up. I have no idea, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

brighter and buoyant…..(and some bruises this week)

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

4 thoughts on “the week that was ** A WINNER ** can you help??

  1. I haven’t been blog hopping for a while but I just saw this. Fortunatly for me DD is only young so I haven’t lost as much as most as DD still loves to sleep in.I hope Rainer is feeling better, poor little darling.I signed the 1000 Hours petition.

  2. Hey G,Thanks so much for the goodies! Was really nice to sit down for a chat this morning. When I have lost all my weight I want to come out with you and score…!!! Love Tamara xxx Hang on…maybe shouldn’t go with you, might hinder my efforts lol!

  3. Hi Giovanna.Long time no chat. Hopefully we will get to catch up at the trivia night as some of mys taff are hoping to go – should be lots of fun!And I understand how you feel with the meltdowns. My DD suffers from them terribly – screaming, kicking, hitting – and you feel so helpless. Fortunately for us they are improving as she gets older but they still stree ME out/Big hugs to you and your,Fiona

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