announcement postponed *** Mum’s Night (again)

Michael’s been in Sydney the last 2 days so I’ll announce the winner in the next day or so. Surprisingly, all 3 of you who posted fantastic lists, have girls, hmmmmm, so this may be a good opportunity to off-load some girly bits and pieces of which I have NO USE for LOL…

Trish hosted another fabulous Mum’s Night Out on Saturday night. We were encouraged by the SPC Mum’s Night Off last year, and frankly, she couldn’t help herself!!! Unfortunately, there was a Red’s match on at Suncorp, so it was hideously busy and no live band (boohoo). Managed to run into 2 ex-Villa boys who I haven’t seen since 1999 (see, I still look 10 years younger!!!!) and they are doing great. Always nice when that happens.

Also bumped into a very old acquaintance who hadn’t heard the news about Dad. Poor bugger. Had to buy him a drink – was completely shell-shocked. Dad must have been this “larger than life” figure to most boys my age. Snappy dresser, always in the mix, a little aggressive/assertive/obnoxious (take your pick LOL), wonderful conspiracy-theorist and great dancer!! For a time, even I thought he was indestructable!!! I’m sure it won’t be the last time this is going to happen.

This time at The Caxton, an interesting age-mix. Lots of younger people (20’s) and then pretty much nothing until the 40’s/50’s! Obviously the old rugger-buggers left wifey and the kids home to go out with the boys. Typically, some were complete gentlemen, and others, well, let’s just say I had to put my “teacher voice” on at times. Bloody pests!!!! pmsl……..

Got home at 3am and had to wake at 5am with Rainer. I’m sure my children have a sense of when I’ve gone out and enjoyed myself, just so they can wake early and really rub it in. Actually, it was probably my saving grace. Had a quick lie down in the afternoon and I was fine after that.

promised myself one CC this month and here it is. Scrap Therapy had a TV themed CC with some very cool challenges. Mind you, a real departure from my usual style, but like the outcome. Picture of (L-R) Tess, Trish, Lena and me at last year’s SPC Mum’s Night Off.

I admire these 3 so much and always value their counsel (ie, they’re not afraid to tell me I’m wrong!!! LOL….VERY brave indeed!!)

That’s all. Working on some classes for Inkredible next month. Some of my all-time fave techniques and maybe something different.

brighter and buoyant……

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