Mackinley’s play list + parties galore + RAK

HAPPY AUTUMN and it really does feel like Autumn today. The breeze is cooler and the sun wasn’t so harsh this morning….NICE!!!

Believe it or not, my boys LOVE listening to Triple J in the car and lately I’ve been keeping a list of Mackinley’s favourites and some that Rainer really responds to.

Today, for Mackinley it was the following because we spent so much time traveling between 2 parties. Crazy days…..

Kaiser Chiefs (such an Indie LOL)

and my personal fave too – The Killers (it’s good when it/he LOOKS as good as it SOUNDS – wink)
When he hears the line … “he doesn’t look a thing like Jesus..”, Mackinley used to ask if it was a hymn!!! They are precious, aren’t they?

And Rainer really likes Foo Fighters “Long Road to Ruin” (and the clip is way too funny).

Had a party for Lily in the park and then Aiden’s crazy party at Little TiGrrs. Next time it’ll be BYO ear plugs!!! Indoor play centres are never too quiet. Luckily a cafe was nearby and they’re old enough to do the “dump and run” for a while (hehe).

The VIP night at Inkredible was a heap of fun. Tamara and Kathleen gave the DT the job of being “team leaders” at each table of activities. Cherie and I thought it would be more exciting if we could see whose team finished each design first. Well, I don’t think I have to say whose team won, do I????

NER NER NER CHERIE!!! (love you babe. better luck next time) Although big hats off to my team – Tina, Dina, Lyn, Carol and Esther (who is leaving for the UK for 12 months – have a great time Esther!!) who got stuck into the spirit of competition and rubbing it into Cherie.

FunkStreet Designs March kit looks really interesting!!! And I must have the Lusi Austin “It’s a Date” stamp. I’d definitely use that one over and over again. Now I just need to find that money tree that people keep telling me about……

I’m off to buy some gouache next week. Yes, more painting things. My walls are really boring. I decided yesterday as I lay on my CLEAN (and let’s leave it that way) couch, I need to do an “AE” and remove all of 2007’s artwork by the boys and start a-new!!! And Easter is fast approaching so what better excuse for NEW BEGINNINGS.

And (a little late in posting) Mackinley has given up “evil black drink” (ie Pepsi) for Lent. I don’t believe mothers should have to give anything up over Lent. We’ve sacrificed enough already!!!!
(I’ll list… teeny tiny waist, slender calves, luscious locks, firm buttocks, career, intelligent coversation…..OKAY, NOW YOUR TURN!!!)

The best list (chosen by Michael LOL) will get a yummy pack of new things from me – because we Mums need a lift now and again (and I don’t mean the “cosmetic lift” kind).

I’ll give you all one week (because I know how busy you all are) and in the meantime I’ll get the goody bag together and put a sneak on the blog.

brighter and buoyant…..
p.s. thanks to everyone for your supportive messages after the last rant. It really does fortify me. xxxx

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

3 thoughts on “Mackinley’s play list + parties galore + RAK

  1. OK, my list includes my bank balance, sleep ins, my favourite jeans, smooth stomach, social life, half my memory… I should stop myself now G…and probably remember that I willingly sacrificed some of those things lol! Am glad you enjoyed the VIP night and thanks for being a fabulous team leader – I was oblivious to the competition going on with you and Cherie though…!

  2. My list includes hot dinners, drinking a cup of coffee all the way to the bottom, being able to chose what channel the tv is on, going to the movies to see anything NOT produced by Disney Pixar, and being able to watch the whole thing without the obligatory run to the toilet. I’ve given up sleeping in, choosing the music on the radio in the car, opening a bag of maltesers within earshot of my kids (THAT was a stupid idea!!), buying expensive icecream, and going to restaurants that don’t provide either a toy or a colour-in placemat. And all of that was just this weekend! And would I give up giving any of that up? Not most days!! lol

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