blessing for the trees + good newsiness

I am swamped!!!

Beneath what USED to be my scrap space is a mountain of another kind of PAPER. It’s not the paper we all love and go “oooooohhhh” and “aaahhhhhh” over. It’s the OTHER, UN-kind paper that has NO manufacturer’s or designer’s name or logo that I love….in fact, it has NO yummy-ness to it at all!!!!

{{I’m praying for all the trees who suffered greatly just so a heap of people could tell me what to do next.}}

My heart has skipped a beat – but again, not in the nice way when a pizza box is delivered by Aus Post with a web of packing tape over it – MY NAME emblazoned on the front…..

…. no, this irregular heart beat is caused by fear, panic that I’m not going to have enough time to finish everything that everyone wants ON TIME.

I’ve had one reprieve – thankfully, and I guess I have to LEARN to reach out and ask more people for help. I’m really no good at that. I don’t like to be disappointed, but then I get angry when people don’t offer to help, but then again, they have no idea what I’ve got on my plate.

I’m digging a hole here, aren’t I????? LMAO….I really need a PA.

Good news
big project nearly off the ground (fingers crossed)
Tonight Inkredible have another VIP NIGHT!!! Yay, love these!!

The mini book class went well. They actually FINISHED the book in 2 hours and just had to stick photos and embellies on. I think that was well worth the effort. And the papers looked gorgeous!!!

{I still get giddy thinking about all the stuff coming from CHA….but I’d better get my backside into gear and finish this mountain of paperwork, otherwise no time for play.}

And sorry to the ladies at Forever Always for bailing on the Circle Journal. Very cranky that I couldn’t get myself sorted, but just thinking about a monthly commitment and deadlines was sending me into panic-mode.

I’m glad I vented now. Everything seems a little less onerous when you put your problems on cyberspace and make someone else read them – so if you’ve made it this far without screaming and hitting the ESCAPE button, I thank you from the bottom of my paperwork!!

Mackinley has completed another sticker chart

and got his remote-controlled suped-up monster truck, completed with monster tyres with lights in them!!!!

And before you ask, YES, Michael DID choose the toy. Well done my No.1!!

Rainer is not just counting to 10 with us, he can now count objects, match colours and follow commands (that’s called Receptive Language for you speechy types). I sacked his bio-med GP because he made me wait for 30 mins with Rainer, for an appointment HE a made because he canceled the previous one, and he was only on a phone consult!!!! Hate un-professional professionals!! I walked out of the surgery and he was STILL talking on the phone!!! All the other Mums were shocked when I told them I walked out – it seems they all hang around for longer – CRAZY!! Luckily a new bio-med doc is opening up close to home, so will keep doing what we’re doing until she sets up shop and then….. SWOOP!!!! hehe

Congrats to Charm whose first FunkStreet Designs kit went OFF!!! Yes, OFF!!! And she tells me the next kit is ready (almost) to go. Well done chikkie!

brighter and buoyant {well, trying….}

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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

3 thoughts on “blessing for the trees + good newsiness

  1. Hey G,I know what you mean about not asking for help but wanting someone to realise you are sinking (Little Miss Independent they call me lol!)… lucky I have Kate cause she always reads the signs. And you have us babe – ANYTIME OK. The only catch is that we see you as this totally strong amazingly capable woman so you may need to scream a little!!! HEEELLLPPP, ok and then we’re there. PS Not that you aren’t amazingly capable but hey we all need someone every now and then don’t we. Love lots Tamara xxxx

  2. You do have a lot on your plate at the moment, I wished i was closer to give you a hand sweetie.Thatsgood news for the boys, both are excelling very well.Take time for you sweetie, you deserve a rest too.

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