True Love…

Those who know me – know that I don’t ventrue near the “lovey-dovey” scrapping. Michael and I have a great, challenging marriage/relationship/friendship but it’s not crowded with false sentiments and over-the-top romanticism. Others often comment on whether we are ACTUALLY married because the coversations can be quite volatile and heated at times. But that’s how love grows…for us. Sometimes you need to push some boundaries to find out what you’re made of.

And when I hear a concert series on Rage with Joe Camilleri, I just knew one of his songs would be the title of a special project.

TRUE LOVE travels on a gravel road

This is the photo I’m using and also some {surprisingly} gorgeous K&Co (yep, so NOT me) from their Urban Rhapsody range, loads of cutting and layering and of course some beeswax and crayola crayons.

What the….?

Yes, indeed. And because the cherubs have all been sick from very EARLY Friday morning (thanks to the staff at Wesley Emergency centre) I haven’t finished my sample. But you KNOW it’s going to be unreal. If you would like to be pushed a little out of your comfort zone to see what you’re made of – book in today.

Thanks to Katherine, Helen and Noelene for playing on Saturday.

“You want me to do WHAT to my photo????!!!!”

and didn’t the photos turn out great!!!!!?

Always a hoot at Inkredible.

brighter & buoyant….

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2 thoughts on “True Love…

  1. OMG Sister!!! that is just like my relationship – sure we love each other with all our hearts and souls but it doesn’t have to be a hallmark moment does it LOLThanks for making me aware that I’m not the only one XXOO

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