For Dad

Sunday afternoon at 1.30pm, Dad had a massive heart attack at home and couldn’t be revived. Poor Mum was alone with him and couldn’t get in touch with any of us “for once”. We were up the coast, Rita was down the coast, Nena was at her in-laws and Lil was pottering and didn’t hear the phone.
I just can’t imagine what it would have been like for her, feeling helpless and watching your husband of 42 years just “leave” in an instant.

However, true-to-form, it was a memorable day for them. Mum went to Mass while Dad went to the shops and bought some lamb and made a beautiful roast for lunch by the time she got home. He’d rung Delfino and made plans to go over after lunch. He’d prepared the roast and some beans and even cleaned the kitchen and stacked the dishwasher!!!! He’d commented Mum on the lovely purple top she was wearing and made them both coffee after they ate lunch. Dad worried that there was too much lamb but Mum assured him that they would see us all during the week, so it wouldn’t go to waste. He’d made batches of pepperoncini and beans during the week to last them through the Christmas visitors and celebrations.

Mum then watched the golf after their coffee and Dad went into the bedroom. Mum noticed that he was behaving strangely and went to ask. It was then that he grabbed her, hugged her and took a very large breath. He collapsed in her arms and she lay him on the bed and dialed “000”. She commenced CPR and she thought he’d come back because he drew another huge breath but the paramedics couldn’t revive him.

It was surreal to get the news on the road through Caloundra and we couldn’t discuss it until the boys were asleep in the back seat. We got home, I showered and Michael dropped me off at the PA Hospital. We were taken to the viewing room and it was really strange but quite nice seeing him lying there, looking at peace, knowing he no longer had to think about all the medication for his heart and diabetes; feeling frustrated about not being as mobile and active as he used to be. In a way, he died exactly how he wanted — quickly, painlessly, and without becoming bed-ridden.

Mackinley seems okay with Nonno going to Heaven and hunting crocodiles with Steve Irwin!! All the little ones will be at the Mass, not sure about Rainer yet.

It’s sad, but all is good. I’m glad he’s finally at peace and free of a body that was seriously letting him down!!


Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

13 thoughts on “For Dad

  1. HI gigiI am so sorry for your loss! I am just glad he did “go” quickly and that is such a lovely day he had before he went…. I don’t know what else to say except for you and your family to TAKE CARE, I know it’s been an extremely tough time for you this year – and hope that next year will be a better one for you!Love you lotsTake CareCharmane

  2. Hi Gigi,I’m so sorry for your loss. You and your family and in my thoughts.I’m glad that he had a lovely day with your Mum. Take care sweetie.Lots of LoveKarlene

  3. Sending all my deepest sympathies to your and your family. What a beautiful snippet of journalling to tribute your dad, thanks so much for sharing. xoxoxo

  4. Gigi,I am so sorry to read your sad news, but I am so happy for your Mum that they had had such a lovely day already…. My thoughts are with you.Hugs Amie xx

  5. Oh Gigi,My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours darling. I will light a candle for your dad tonight. If there is anything I can do please just let me know, only a phonecall away. You have wirtten such a beautiful tribute!! And I am so glad your mum and dad shared such a beautiful day together before he passed away.Love and Hugz alwaysBec, Luke and Mikaylaxxxx

  6. Gigi….a sudden loss is very painful, he sounds like he had a lovely day with mum and the family was in his thoughts,,,im so sorry to hear of this sad news, hugs to you and your family

  7. Oh Gigi,I cried reading your account of a father who sounds so much like mine – always thinking of family first even down to his last hours. I love that he commented on your mum’s dress and about cooking too much lamb. I really feel for you and know that he is in the arms of our loving Father.Sending you all my love and to your whole family,Lusi x

  8. Oh Gi, I’m so sorry I hadn’t read this earlier. I am so sorry for your loss. I’m in tears at the beautiful day he had with your Mum and being with her when he passed. She is truly lucky to have had those moments with him.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.All my love, Sara.

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