Halloween and classes

Not that I really expected it, but we had a couple of groups of kids around tonight. Pretty funny actually. All they get from me is Chuppa Chups, but they didn’t seems to care.

The littler kids wanted to get in on the action, so Andrew took Harmon, Hannah and Mackinley at the last minute to a few houses in the street. Aren’t they cute? Rainer enjoyed watching from the deck and actually ASKED to go to bed tonight!! Will miracles never cease with this boy???

My first class at Inkredible is this Saturday at 1.30pm. I’m really excited to have this opportunity but terribly nervous too. I didn’t want to bamboozle everyone so the Texture Paste techniques are pretty easy. I might suggest an advanced class and get really messy on a canvas or mini book…..hmmmm, mind is ticking away already!!

The schedule is up on the website but here’s some sneak peeks. You’ll have to subscribe to the newsletter to see the whole catastrophe (heehee).

I wanted to do layouts with 4×6 photos because there’s nothing worse than realising at 10am on a Saturday morning that you don’t have an enlargement for a class that day!!

My GDT spot at FA finished today. Sonia’s been a great support and I’ll miss her guidance terribly (but she knows that). Very buoyed by the success of the online class, that I feel I can achieve anything at the moment.

Easy girl!!

Here’s my layout for the FA CC challenge 3. Working off a sketch by the talented Louise.

Working on some stuff for Xmas with the Kaiser range. Nearly finished!!


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