10 dAyS…caution LONG POST (grab a cuppa)

What a ride the last 10 days has been!
I thought it would all calm down after the buzz from Alex Perry, but life has just gotten better….and busier.

Firstly, Mackinley’s play-date with Bridget went superbly!! When Mum came to collect, she reminded me that sometimes it’s hard to find a group of Mums you can be yourself with, especially if you’ve moved interstate. From now on, I’m going to try to include those who feel out of place and welcome them with open arms. If they decide to accept my offer GREAT…if not, no harm done. Naturally another playdate has been set and Mum will be there too for a few champagnes.


Nena and Simon’s 40th was a hoot. Mum made the funniest pyjama pants for us girls. It was nice to see just about everyone in fancy dress and the late start (8pm) meant we could get the boys to bed before we left. I think I drank too much…not sure….very hazy the next day.

Michael’s company turns 30 this year and so to celebrate we had a lovely cocktail party at City Hall. The company sponsors the Australian Chamber Orchestra (among other people/organisations) and so I was thrilled when Richard Tognetti came out with his very expensive violin, followed by Tim Freedman!! The most beautiful arrangements of “Blow up the Pokies” and “No Aphrodisiac” I have ever heard. I have pics but I look frightful (as does Tim) — the hair flopped, the dress was twisted — seriously, you’d think I got dressed with my eyes closed!!

THAT PROMPTED a spending spree at the Myer lingerie department…..and a stop-over in JacquiE (heh).

Met the lovely AngieB (Scrap Therapy). Thankfully she lives close to Rainer’s school and she’s so easy to chat to. There may be more scrapping than chatting next time.

I blew my knee!! You would think I’d be more careful. I can’t believe it’s now been the ankle, the ribs and now the knee. Thank God it’s my bad knee (soccer injury circa 1989) so I only have one to repair down the track. Lots of ICE, COMPRESSION and ELEVATION saved the day. Now it’s just tender and a little purple.

SING FOR KIDS on Friday night!! Awesome is one word to describe it. Turned up with hair that stayed up slightly better than last time, better fitting underwear and a new cocktail frock — gotta love the frock — was going to go red but realised just about every dress I own is red….so black it was.

Sang 3 songs on stage — pretty funny actually. I think the trick is to hold the mic a little further out. Saves a heap of embarrassment….but soooo much fun. Ricki Lee Coulter was a trooper. I never got to thank her for being there and staying so late. These artists are really busy so I’m grateful when they spend time at fundraisers.
Re-acquainted myself with Ian Skippen and Peter Couples….such lovely people.

Finished the week with my online class at Forever Always. Thanks to Sonia, KylieB (first to upload…what a trooper), Belinda, PaulaP, Jazkit, Royaldaughter and Kye for registering. I was super-prepared but it paid off in the end. Forgot about Daylight Savings Time starting so everyone was hanging around for an hour before I got there….ooops!! See how much bother DLST is??? It seriously should be scrapped (heheeee).

Bittersweet really because now I have a regular teaching gig at Inkredible and on their Design Team. It means I’ll be even busier – preparing for classes, articles, etc and not enough time for scrap-chatting (sniff). I’ve already told Natalie (Scrap Therapy), Sonia (Forever Always) and Bon (Bon’s Scraps) how grateful I am to them for supporting me this year and helping me through some rough patches. The ladies on their sites are fantastic and encouraging scrappers.

THANKS LADIES. Glad to call you “friend”…..(hmmm, there might be a layout in that!!)

First class is this Saturday at 1.30pm. Gettin’ messy with Texture Paste!!!! Well, not too messy, don’t want to scare them on the first day LOL.


Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

4 thoughts on “10 dAyS…caution LONG POST (grab a cuppa)

  1. Woo hoo, HUGE congrats to you – Design Team AND Teacher. That is fab news.Thanks again for the class last night and I will finish it & upload……And take care of yourself, no more injuries please.Cheers, Belinda xx

  2. WOW – photos are great…THANKYOU again for such a fantastic class Gi, I wish you the best on your next journey at Inkredible….and know that we would have you back in a blink……Loved you Girl….hugsSonia

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