Rainer Speaks!!

We’ve heard some great words coming from Rainer this last week….and I couldn’t be happier. Last Monday we went to see Dr Gary Deeds, a GP who specialises in treating children with autism. I really didn’t know what to expect, in fact, I was a little sceptical because it seems EVERYONE’S an expert when it comes to “other” people’s children. He disarmed me in about 30 seconds. Much of what he explained to me about how the body works made sense…he didn’t know that I did HPE to Year 12, or that over the years my Naturopaths have trained me well!!

Essentially, Rainer is on a really simple treatment of Fish Oil, Zinc and Epsom Salt baths. After about 3 days of doing these simple things, we started to hear REAL words and DELIBERATE speaking. He is saying “come” and “again” more often without prompting, he said “yukky” when I was removing his wet shorts, and when Michael came through the door the other day, he said “Dad-Dad”. Tonight when he wanted to go to bed, he said “Cudda” (cuddle). I nearly cried!!!!

After 2 1/2 years of having nothing precise coming out of Rainer’s mouth, this was BEAUTIFUL!! He is calmer at AEIOU and more willing to participate in the rotations, he even sat for story time – a MAJOR achievement for Rainer, who just wants to run and run and run all day long.

So, to say I’ve been a little distracted from more important things, like scrapbooking and blogging {LOL}, is an understatement. I just feel like this is Rainer’s time and MY time to finally get him to where he needs to be. I now see that the decision to “retire” from teaching was the absolute correct thing to do, because no child is more important than your own.

However, I have done some creative stuff. Most of it is still in my head and I fear that I won’t have the time to start many of the challenges from the CyberCrops at 123 Challenge, Scrapbook City (I think the deadline for this was Sunday night), Bon’s Scraps or Forever Always. I might get to one from each, but even that might be stretching it. Sooooo frustrating!!!

I stamped some cotton gloves for RAKs at Bon’s (super easy to make), finished off Bon’s Monthly Layout Competition “White Winter”

This was a tough one because it doesn’t get “white” in Brisbane in Winter…..it’s extremely sunny, it rarely rains (except for ALL of last week……which was AWESOME) and we spend a LOT of time outdoors. I even emailed Michele in San Francisco and she sent me a heap of the kids in the snow…I was that desperate!! I still might scrap them in a mini book for her and send it with the pencils.

Last Friday spent a lovely VIP evening at Inkredible. Supper and a layout class….NICE WORK Tamara and Kathleen!! Fabulous idea and great discounts on the night. I’d already spent too much money the week before and picked up the new Kaiser Craft papers for cheap, and now more temptation!!!! I had to be very good. More yummy papers arriving soon….YAY!!

Used some yummo 7 Gypsies paper and stickers. Love how I could put the photo in later. I’ve run out of photo paper so it’ll have to wait.

Also did another page for Lilly’s wedding album. Like this one of Phil. This was 13 years ago….I look soooo young!!

Would LOVE to work with BG’s new Obscure range…but might have to wait.

Tomorrow is Rainer’s half day, so no time for scrapping (boohoo).

I’ve made it into Round 2 of the Design Team comp at Scrap Therapy. I know….I said no DTs this year, but technically it’s for most of NEXT year!! LOL.

Wish me luck!!

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

5 thoughts on “Rainer Speaks!!

  1. wow this is amazing it is great to see that he is saying something my neice is three and a half and she has just been diagnosed with something similar to autisim they are at there wits end to try and figure out how to get her to say one word.I would love it if you could email me and i could have a chat with you and i could give the information to her.

  2. That is fantastic news about Rainer. I have been missing you in the blogging world but I totally understand family comes first ALWAYS!! Good luck with the DT team.

  3. Go Rainer GO, Awesome news GiGi. Must have been music to your ears. My best friend is visiting on the 14th Sept and her eldest boy (4yrs) is austic aswell. He is also coming along quite well with his speech which is great.Your layouts are beautiful, I am especially loving the Heroine one!!

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