A Mixed Week.

MACKINLEY SCORED HIS FIRST GOAL AT SOCCER TODAY!!!! and I missed it because I was having a “me” day. Typical!!!!! I’m soooo very proud of Mackinley who has been going through some really tough emotional stuff this year with Rainer, and not really liking Year 1, missing his best mate Rory (who’s at another school) and not really sure if he wants to play soccer. He really needed this confidence boost, congratulations Kinna!!!

What a day!! Sat in on TWO classes with the very giving and very very funny Ngaire Bartlam. And I mean “SAT” because walking to the shop from my car….I sprained my ankle on the edge of the footpath, dropped the champagne bottle (didn’t break, phew!) and IT HURT!!! Spent most of the first lesson with my foot on the table being iced by a bag of Woolworths frozen broccoli and cauliflower pieces….thanks Tamara, what would I do without you!!!!

Man, Ngaire can work a room!!! Not only did I survive the whole day on one coffee (I’m actually drinking my second now, at 6pm!) but I managed to get a heap of ideas on how to use felt, buttons and ribbon. I have the most difficulty with incorporating these 3 scrapbooking items into a layout. But looking at what Ngaire and the other ladies were doing with them….I have a renewed vigor and can’t wait.

BUT…tomorrow I am hoping to find babysitters so Michael and I can see “Burke and Wills” before it finishes on Wednesday. A previous post I uploaded an article from The Weekend Australian about Matt Zeremes who I taught at Villanova….SOOOOO MANY YEARS AGO (seems like a lifetime ago…but the school was a fantastic support to me and the Arts, nuff said).

If anyone reading (and I found out that a lot read but don’t stop to comment….I know who you are now LOL…but I still love you!!) wants to spend an hour watching a great Independent film by 2 Brisbane boys, head to the Dendy tomorrow at 3.15pm and from Monday to Wednesday at 1.30, 5.10 and 8.45pm. I’m not sure if other Indy cinemas in Sydney and Melbourne are showing it, but the boys are based in Sydney now, so you might be lucky.

Finished off one more project on Friday. Fran Tynan’s sketch challenge at Bon’s Scraps.

And here’s my effort. Mackinley hard at work with some very intricate drawing. He gets a lot of inspiration from movies and playing Star Wars on the computer. Not entirely happy about that but it fires him imagination, and a mother has to be happy with that!!

Used Pebbles Inc. paper which I wouldn’t normally buy. It was in the June Kit from Scrapbook City. Lovely stuff and so I guess it was a challenge to use the papers and the sketch. In hindsight I should have used a darker cardstock. Oh well, that’s all I had in my stash. There are also 2 more of those funky Buzz and Bloom arrows. So cool.

Oh and more Buzz & Bloom news. I have 2 layouts in the Guest Gallery which is pretty cool. Thanks Helene. Great products and a great honour.

Thanks finally to Karlene and Charmane at 123 Challenge for choosing my layout of Rainer sleeping as one of the winners for June. I get a cool kit from Fireside Crafts. Can’t wait for that to come so I can play some more!! YAY FOR ME!!!

On a more sombre note, another ABC Brisbane employee has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Thankfully it’s not Kelly, although I am worried as hell for her!!! Around half the women diagnosed with Cancer from the Toowong studios all worked at the same production desk, so anyone would assume that emissions from the equipment MAY have been a contributing factor. Unfortunately, assumptions don’t count in these cases. More testing on the equipment is being carried out and the staff get some medical expenses reimbursed, which is good. Prayers for the Ekersley family.


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Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

4 thoughts on “A Mixed Week.

  1. Congratulations Mackinley, that is great news buddy. I bet you are so proud of him.I hope your leg is okay Giovanna, how is it feeling now?I love that layout from the sketch and the ones on the Buzz and Bloom blog.

  2. Hey Giovanna,Thanks for dropping by, always great to make new friends. Thought I would just pop in and say hi. Love your Remains of the Day layout, great concept taking that from the ad !!! works beautifully. Congrats on Buzz and Bloom Gallery.Steph xo

  3. Hey Giovanna,Thanks for dropping by, always great to make new friends. Thought I would just pop in and say hi. Love your Remains of the Day layout, great concept taking that from the ad !!! works beautifully. Congrats on Buzz and Bloom Gallery.Steph xo

  4. Hey Giovanna!!!I missed your call 😦 and you poor thing – how’s your ankle now??? and THANK GOODNESS the wine bottle didn’t break….hahah….Gorgeous pages and glad you had a great day with Ngaire!!Take care and THANKS for tagging me…. ;)Love charmane

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