End of Year…

Well, okay. Maybe it’s the end of the FINANCIAL year but it’s a good time to revisit my New Year’s Resolutions and re-frame a few goals for the next 6 months. I am committed to doing another Resolutions layout just to stay accountable.

The school holidays are half way through so very little scrapbooking has been happening. I achieved almost all my goals for the month with only the Book of ? challenges, Loretta Grayson’s class work and one of the 123 Cyber Crop challenges left behind. Unfortunately, the 123 challenge I DIDN’T do was my Kitchen String layout so I was a little embarrassed about that. But I did use kitchen string on my “Go Wild” layout, so not all was lost.

Heard that my Circle Journal that was started at Scrapboxx in August is nearly home. We were supposed to have it finished in February, but life gets in the way and one of the participants had a baby during the journal’s journey, so we all got a little behind. I think mine’s the last one to come home. Can’t wait. (Come on Toni…..you can do it!!!!)

Michael and I had a great day at the movies on Saturday. Although Michael was extremely hungover (grrrr, end of financial year party…a huge one at his work each year) I managed to get everyone ready and to Mum and Dad’s and then straight to Garden City’s Gold Class to watch the new Fantastic 4 movie. Love Love Love Marvel Comic movies. Escapism is very healthy.

Scoured the shops afterwards and spent a heap of money on Michael. He desperately needed new clothes and I was only too happy to throw lots of items at him while he was a little hazy (hehe) and wouldn’t put up much of a fight!!

I bought 2 coats for the park, shops, etc and a new pair of boots. Mine died last Winter after 10 years of loyal service (including getting married and 2 pregnancies). Could have bought more but was thinking about more scrapbooking supplies that I need!!

What had I finished this month??? Here’s Ngaire Bartlam’s class minibook from the Expo. Really like this concertina book – quick and easy with not much mucking around with fiddly bits. (Slider isn’t playing nice, so here are 2 shots of the cover)

The 123 Cyber Crop Challenge 1 was to use a sketch from Forever Always (love that place too), a song from the Cyber Crop Bingo List which were all from the 1980’s, and white cardstock. Good to have a double page spread to use up more photos from when Mackinley and Tristan were at the Museum in January.
(this is the left hand side)

(the right hand side)

123 Cyber Crop Challenge 2 watned the coolest speech bubbles from Buzz and Bloom (these are the best value for money…you get HEAPS), 2 or more fads/fashion/slang terms from the 1980’s, and flourishes.

In hindsight, could have entered this one into Bon’s Monthly Layout Challenge. Oh well, maybe next month I’ll be luckier ;).

Not bad for a week’s work. Looking forward to a miriad of different challenges next month. Charmane’s already got our “To Do…” list up at Bon’s (she cracks me up).

Speak of the devil….look at the Happy Mail I got from Charm this week!!!!

I think this was for one of the games at the 123 Cyber Crop. I won the second round of Bingo too, but don’t know what I win for that yet…it’s always a pleasant surprise!!

Clearing out the old stash now and looking forward to working with new stock and new inspiration.

Be Strong…and organised (yeah, right!)

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

3 thoughts on “End of Year…

  1. Look at all those creations Giovanna. Love the wedidng one, you should have entered it in the monthly.Hope you enjoyed the movie. I see the Fantastic 4 movie last weekend and loved it.

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