Leenie the Legend and more stuff…

Oh oh oh oh……
Pauline Rossi

You are the Queen of Digital Scrapping and I’m so honoured to be your friend…because it means I can get cool headers like this one!!!!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

And now for more visual stimulation (but nowhere near as good as Leenie!!)

This was for Bon’s Scraps Cyber Crop LAST month, but got it in late…seems to be the story of my life at the moment HAHA!!!
Rainer pinched the “U” so I had to put a flower in there instead (grrrr)

This is for Bon’s Monthly layout competition using ROYAL COLOURS and GEMS. The winner gets to be guest DT member for a month with a cool play pack!!! I just enjoy the challenges..but a freebie wouldn’t go astray LOL!!

This is for the Cyber Crop at Scrapbook City (only managed one challenge)

Can only show a little of this one because it’s for the Chinese Whispers at Bon’s. Pollybaby has the full version and her layout will be passed onto one other person before we look at the entire journey.

This is for the ScrapFix at Scrapbook City…week 2 I think…late again!! Won these papers at the Scrapbook Expo…noice!!

FINALLY….. my Book of ? page at Bon’s…still behind on that one too (and Scrapbook City’s PMSL!!)

Rainer said THREE words very clearly the other day. He came into bed and said “COME” then “CUP”. So I asked, “Do you want a drink Rainer?” there’s always a glass of water next to my bed….and he said, “No!” but I still grabbed the glass and offered it to him, and he said, “NO!”

HOW THRILLED AM I???? But in true “Rainer-style”, it’s not been that clear since. Oh well, small steps. At least I know he HAS the language, just probably not enough incentive for him to use it because his mother always knows what he wants before he asks for it!! Need to stop doing that!

An AEIOU Mum gave me a disc of the Oprah show about Autism and I wish I’d never seen it. It was as a result of the Autism Speaks documentary in the USA and I think I started crying in the first 5 minutes. I just looked at these children and thought, “He’s 13!! He’s no better than Rainer!! There’s NO HOPE!!”

But then I slap myself REAL HARD and remember that he doesn’t “stim” and he HAS eye contact and is affectionate and responds to others, so there IS HOPE!!

I need to say it, hear it, believe it, and live it…


Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

6 thoughts on “Leenie the Legend and more stuff…

  1. i saw that oprah show too, very sad :(.. And thats fantastic new, that he said 3 words 🙂 Loving all your LO’s as always pure genius!

  2. Your header is amazing, you have a talented friend.I agree, as hard as it is Be strong and think positive sweetie.Every small step is a big step for Rainer.

  3. I saw that show too and thought it was a little sad and depressing as it seemed to focus on the “worst case” children not all of the good, positive, reassuring and encouraging stories that ARE out there!!!! There IS hope Gigi, there is ALWAYS hope! So go slap yourself again from me 😉 PMSL! Love ya!Trish xo

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