So much has happened this last week so I’ll try to summarise (for my own sanity).

We have a new toilet. Now that might not sound like much to most, but our toilet has had to come with a “Introductory Video” explaining how to flush it, for the last year or so. I’d finally had enough so went and bought one and it was installed Tuesday. No more briefings!! Rainer’s even sitting and we have the cool cards from AEIOU’s video on toileting on the wall. Looks promising!! (I think we can do without photos!!)

Last Sunday we were at Ian and Helen’s for a BBQ breakfast with the old 4TO crowd but the Roberts’ couldn’t make this one. Rainer stepped into the pool, fully clothed, and launched himself into the water. I think he was expecting Donna, his swim teacher to be there!! I was watching – calm on the outside .. going bonkers on the inside – and the little bugger dog paddled, TURNED AROUND, and swam to the edge!! Donna was mightily impressed when I told her. Even Mackinley got excited!!

Have also been a busy Scrappin’ Chikkie. Here are my layouts and Off The Page item for the Monthly Kit challenges at Scrapbook City.

Week 1 – Me and the boys at Upper Kedron Reserve on New Year’s Day. Love their faces…hence “whatEVER” for the title.

Week 2 – Mackinley and Tristan Reedy (Tanya’s boy) when we met for a day at the Queensland Museum in January this year. We still can’t believe how quickly they became friends.

…and the details….

Week 3 – Off The Page item for my niece Meg who turned 3 yesterday!! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!
The monogram was bought at Inkredible (love those dry!!) it’s a Kaiser Crafts monogram, funky font(for my funky niece!!)

….and the details…..

It may also be quite obvious from the detailed shots that I have given myself a Mother’s Day gift….this contraption, which is yet to be named. My friends at Bon’s Scraps are working furiously to come up with an appropriate moniker for the Janome.
I’m having sooo much fun at Bon’s at the moment. The challenges are great and the prizes are good too (heehee). Bon keeps us all on a tight leash or we’d all go crazy. Nice ecclectic bunch of ladies with broad talents (in the nicest way, of course).

Can you believe I still have more to share!!! Next post (hahaha)

Be strong…

Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

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  1. I love all your creations Giovanna, love your detail on the friends layout, the corners look fantastic..nice Mothers Day pressie…catch you at Bons

  2. Hey Giovanna! Great layouts you have there! I got myself a sewing machine a few months ago. Love the machine stitching on the layouts!

  3. That is fantastic that Rainer was able to use his swimming skills and know what to do… That is a great step…. so proud of him….WOW so many more creations! You have been so busy…..Take careBrenda

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