A Time to Remember…

THANK YOU to everyone who has left lovely messages for me. I know I’m not usually this DARK and PHILOSOPHICAL but it’s been a really harrowing 3 months and I’m trying to make meaning of all this loss to make me BETTER not DIFFERENT….so hopefully the old me will be emerging soon…new and improved!!


Remember students who are now doing amazing things in the world. I think we’ll see much more of Matt Zeremes…

To remember your family. Remember to hug them often and much!!! Remember to call them, no matter how crazy life gets.

Couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen Silvia’s cousins (on her Mum’s side) for 18 months!! It was Daniel’s Baptism and Rainer went ballistic in the church and later at Zio and Zia’s place. We had to leave early, so in reality, hadn’t spoken to them for longer than that. Hearing Zia sing the “Panis Angelicus” just made me weep harder. The shoes on her coffin made me laugh and the “Salsa” being played as Silvia was being taken from the church made me laugh more!!All her ballroom dancing friends were there and I think they’ll miss her much more than I will.

Family is an incidental thing. You make an effort to be with your friends and you confide in them more than family sometimes. And even though Silvia was an incredibly private person, I think they know her better than I do. That’s okay though. I can’t know everything about all my relatives!! I’d be a mess….we are an interesting tribe.

The wake at Dino and Lisa’s was awesome. Loads of laughing and crying, catching up and seeing how much everyone’s children had grown (oh, about 18 months’ worth LOL!!).

I could spew on forever about how I feel, but I think there’s a layout in all this grief I’ve experienced so far this year. Actually, it might be worth a mini-book!!! So many random thoughts and very little to do except REMEMBER. Nearly burst out crying in Woolworths today – how loopy is that??

Time for myself!!! A whole 5 hours of scrapping with Andrea Thompson at Inkredible….what a gorgeous woman Andrea is!! Delightful, I think would be a better adjective. I know I said I would never use that glamour shot again, but it was the only biggun already processed that I had for the class.

Time to celebrate ME ME ME

… and new friends… V V V


Published by Giovanna Scott

Artist, Educator, Joy Seeker, and Lover of Good Coffee. I began this blog in December 2006 to document the ebb and flow of our life. It has now become a steady record of my artistic journey and a home for my collections.

7 thoughts on “A Time to Remember…

  1. Gigi it is so good that you can talk about your feeling cause that is the first step to healing.I am going to have to come down your way and do some classes so I can get to meet all of these fab people.I am sorry to say but I am tagging you again but this one is a short one and a fun one to make you think.ThanksTanya xoxo

  2. OH Hope you are feeling better Gi – so sorry for your loss 😦 Take Care of yourself!!!Just letting you know I have tagged you 🙂 Check out my blog 🙂

  3. To be open and speak about it helps with the healing process….Love your “Celebrating ME” layout, it is great and such a wonderful title…Because we all have to think about ourselves along the way too…so we can stay strong for the people around us….Take CareBrenda

  4. Thinking of you, glad to see that your beginning to feel a bit better and less ‘loopy’! We all feel loopy from time to time :o) Take care

  5. I was going to tag you too, but I see you have already been “got to” !! Hope life starts to settle down for you a bit. Love your work ATM too! It was nice to see you the other night too!

  6. Tagged you!!! Ha, no only joking!!!Giovanna, I’m so sorry to hear of your cousin’s passing, surely things can only look up from here huh? Man, you’ve had a rocky start to the year… well we’re almost half way through ;)Glad to hear that Rainer is settling in well at AEIOU, such an important time in his life right now… you’re a great Mum! 🙂

  7. Yep, I was going to tag you too, but you’ve already got more than enough!Sorry to hear about your cousin – really puts things into perspective doesn’t it? I find that after something like that, I’m not worried about the kids messy rooms, just want to give them a hug. Life is so precious.

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